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Leeches would stick on you like medical patches. You could remove them by applying any fire tool (lighter, lit cigarette, welder) to yourself, which would do a small amount of damage. Leeches would slowly drain your blood and all reagents from your body, getting larger all the while. Eventually they might pop or fall off or something. You could be covered in lots of leeches at once. This could kill you.

Leeches could be manually applied, but they could also live in water naturally, such as the Oshan seawater or azones. There could be different kinds of leeches, or leeches could transform if they consume certain reagents. Protective clothing might keep leeches off you.

Doctor traitors would get leech grenades.

thats leeches
I would also imagine that they would affect Vampires in some amusing way.
leeches plus vampire blood equals super leeches(?)
Maybe they could steal blood from the vampire's total and turn into big angry critters after a bit.
Pretty sure there was a suggestion for leeches years ago. Either way I like the idea of leeches. Add a plague doctor outfit for double doctoring
That makes me think of an idea with the idea of leaches eating different reagents and turning into other leeches. Why not... leech rancher!

This definitely sounds awesome nonetheless. Truly a time to take out the renaissance medicine practices!
Explosive leeches, if you don’t remove them in time they explode gibbing whoever had the leech on them
Leeches should stick to people if you throw them at them. Do patches do this? It would be funny.
Can Botany get Lychee and a Leechy mutation to go along with that?
(06-06-2021, 05:55 PM)Souricelle Wrote: Leeches should stick to people if you throw them at them. Do patches do this? It would be funny.

I coulda swore there was something about patches sticking on people if you throw them. A chance or something. Maybe never added. Should be though
Patches do have a chance to stick to people if you throw them at them. The chance is 30%, unless it was thrown by a pipe bomb, in which case it is 70%.

Throw some patches at people as doctor, it's funny!
I guess the question for me is, what would leeches be, a critter or an agressive mob? Cause i feel like that would determine how powerfull they can be, how much/fast they can drain.

Or alternatively ; a regular leech critter and a giant leech aggressive mob?

(06-06-2021, 06:08 PM)Brixx79 Wrote: Can Botany get Lychee and a Leechy mutation to go along with that?

I like this, even if it's just for the idea of a Botanist coming into medbay missing half of their blood cause they went too hard on trying to harvest Leechy.
I was thinking of regular leeches as being objects that would just sometimes appear on you if you were in water, or that would grow on trees or w/e. Bigger or mutated ones could be either mobs or critters.
Something spiders/ants adjacent seems pretty neat.  Then it could easily scale with reagent amount and leverage the existing chem systems regarding protective gear and reagent interactions.

Cultivating them somehow it could be a neat way to have near symbiotic relationships. Or some kind of nightmare leech that will exsanguinate you and leave a trail of blood filled balloons behind...
Additional idea... I love them as a relatively quick and easy way to treat things like hypertension but in the interest of *fun* how about we allow them to retain their reagent stockpile when used as a food item?

I'm also imagining leeches in pipebombs now that someone brought up patches.

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