Hos App Feesch
Usual character name: Johnathan Feesch
BYOND username: Worldrenownedpsycho
Discord username: screamingeagles#8241
Goon servers you play: Goon1 Heisenbee
Reason for application: The HoS is the anchoring force in a security team. Even if security gets stuck with 5 new officers, as an HoS you can turn your team into a force to be reckoned with. Having an HoS makes the experience of playing security so much less frustrating, because with an HoS you always know there's someone on the team you can always count on for back-up, or to help you learn why you stunned yourself and the criminal got away with your baton. What mostly pushed me to make this application was me being beaten to death by new security officers 2 rounds in a row for innocent pranks on security, without any prior warning. If only, I had thought, there was an HoS who was there to discipline and teach officers how to properly deal with pranksters and petty criminals.
Security experience (300 word minimum): I started playing security soon after I started playing the game after a few months long break from the game. Before then I had only played Detective. I started finding security a bit boring, surprisingly. The other officers took care of everything, and I was swept along for the ride.
I began to change up my playstyle, though. Instead of hovering around security all game and processing criminals, I started going out into the halls and fighting crime where it happens. This made for a much more enjoyable experience for me, as it provided me with lots of action and countless RP moments. I also think that it helped take a burden on all the other officers on the team, so they don’t have to feel like at times they are 1 player down.
I love interacting with other players around the station, and giving antags a time to RP as an evil villain, rather than gunning them down mercilessly. I always remember when dealing with a criminal how I often felt when security would catch me ‘in the act’ (buying crime tools) and then they would swiftly stop me, strip me, and end my fun before it started. While I wouldn’t call myself ‘light on crime’, I would say I'm more lenient when it comes to punishing crime. I love to talk with people around the station when things are more relaxed, as opposed to sluething around maint trying to catch would-be criminals. While this isn't the most ‘anti-crime’ approach, I know it makes for a much more fun and engaging experience for me, and most importantly other players.
I don’t like handling processing and other things that would require me to sit in security. Ever since I used to play like that, then I saw how much more fun it is to actually go around the station, I never really looked back. That doesn’t mean I wont do the job, and I’ll process criminals myself if we are understaffed/stressed. Generally though, I avoid the duty if there is someone to cover for me.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? Remember the core tenant of robustness: Preparedness is key. My favorite utility items are Robust Donuts and First Aid Kit, but you can get away with any combination. Just don’t forget to use them, when the time calls for it. Your utility items aren't everything, either. A round can go any which way, so it's always handy to have an extra pair of handcuffs, even if you only end up using one. 
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as sec officer or interacting with one) This happened pretty recently. I was playing secoff on a vampire round, and things were pretty calm for a while. I was going around and talking, until I get a PDA distress alert, telling me to come to North West Maintenance. I come and lo and behold, a vampire. I start trying to arrest him, but he wriggles off in a disgusting vampire-like fashion. After he leaves, another vampire comes up behind me and eye-flashes me, but it has no effect because of my Security HUD. They then start to use the Gaze stun thing on me. My understanding of the ability at the time was it only works within 1 tile radius, because that's the only way I've seen it used, and used it myself. I step back and laugh, thinking ‘Silly vampire, you can't stun me!’. Then, the bar keeps going and I get stunned. I immediately send off a PDA alert, and wait to try and free myself. Unfortunately, security either didn’t care or was dealing with something else, because no one came as I got thralled. I came to my senses, and then saw that security had in fact come. So, with the help of my vampire master, super drugs that the MD had given me earlier, and a special blue frosted donut, we bloodily dispose of most of security, including the HoS, with the NTSO only barely escaping. With most of my resources exhausted, I began to feast on their corpses as I had gotten down to 30 max HP from blood loss. My master helps me out with a transfusion. I finally get out of that dark maintenance tunnel and recharge my gear. The round continues as normal, or however normal a round could be with zombie security. I feast on a victim, and then a known gamer walks in on me. I stun him and cuff him, and then walk him to disposals for a more private feeding session. Someone tries to interrupt me, but I stun him, however I am out of cuffs. There at disposals I run into what happened to the security we had killed, feeding on people. My uncuffed victim escapes, and in a heated battle, manages to push me into the crusher while freeing my cuffed victim.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. I am a lot more relaxed on a full team versus a solo officer. I don’t have or like the mentality of ‘Let the other officers deal with it’, but if I know the other officers are experienced I am a lot more likely to take more time to RP. If I'm solo, I am a bit more snippy and fast with criminals, and I don’t enjoy it as much because it emphasizes the boring bits like processing, and minimizes the fun RP.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it’s important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What’s a security gimmick that you’ve ran or wanted to run? Butts. Every criminal has one. Well, if everything goes to plan, they used to. I plan to remove the butt of every criminal, no matter how small the crime. Butts get put on display in front of sec, to show everyone who has done crime. Bonus of letting people tell who is a criminal and not, if they have no butt or if they do.
  • Draw a picture! [Image: Drawing.png]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): 1 back in August 2020 because my account got hacked and spammed slurs
+1 he was the only officer to be nice to me when I was stirstir. Very robust and plays well with gimmicks.
I play with Johnathan Feesch in Security from time to time. I don't recall any serious problems really.
That said, I think Johnathan could benefit from more time as a security officer.

While he does maintain decent contact over the radio, I've yet to see him display qualities befitting of a leader.
Organizing and coordinating with Security, Command and the AI; Giving orders, establishing a Security presence.

> Generally though, I avoid the duty if there is someone to cover for me.
Moreover, I feel an HoS should be very involved with brigging and sentencing. As you said, officers beat you to death over menial matters...the same thing can be happening in the brig to someone else and if you shirk that responsibility as an HoS, how are you going to be of any help?
You must check on the prisoners, ensure they are being treated and sentenced fairly. Enforce space-law upon your team, by force if necessary.

While I regard Johnthan to be funny as a pranking staffie, overall I find him underwhelming and in need of more experience as a SECOFF.

I can neither support nor deny this application. Needs more experience.
-1 helped stir stir; you cant be nice to warcriminals.

All jokes aside, hes great. However I havent seen him on sec TOO much, so definetly play sec more and ill edit this. As for now im nuetral.
(06-05-2021, 04:48 PM)Froggit_Dogget Wrote: -1 helped stir stir; you cant be nice to warcriminals.

All jokes aside, hes great. However I havent seen him on sec TOO much, so definetly play sec more and ill edit this. As for now im nuetral.

thanks for the criticism! ill play more then reapply, and ill try to get comfortable with processing criminals, as Chayot said.
(06-05-2021, 04:48 PM)Froggit_Dogget Wrote: -1 helped stir stir; you cant be nice to warcriminals.

All jokes aside, hes great. However I havent seen him on sec TOO much, so definetly play sec more and ill edit this. As for now im nuetral.

Yea hes cool +1
played with them quite a few times in sec, has a good presence over radio and can generally be trusted not to go overboard. light +1

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