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Radbow isnt stealthy enough
At the moment the radbow isnt nearly as stealthy as it seems, I had a round recently where someone was chatting away with me, then they pulled out a radbow, without me noticing and shot me with it. The bullets are very well hidden and won't likely be noticed but problem is, theres a shock or spark effect upon being hit which is not very hard to miss. I would have not spotted his shot if it wasn't for this effect.
[Image: unknown.png]
Point blank will also produce a message, which this weapon would normally work very effectively for.
Lastly, I know its just a weapon designed to be something to weaken your target, but its fairly slow at it and people will notice their healthbar decreasing fairly quickly, and run to medbay. I don't think it would be too much of a problem to up its radiation level for something a little quicker to act.
I agree with the fact that the stealthy slow killing crossbow...isn't.

I miss that one round where I stalked a random staffie with the crossbow and, after a few minutes of him noticing he was walking slowly and failed to notice I was following him this entire time, went up to me to ask for assistance in getting treated.

At which point he was brought to a secluded spot and murdered, but that goes without saying to be honest.

The way it works now, this would be impossible to pull off.
Once went up against a discount superhero that randomly rolled rad immunity when I decided to try out the radbow for the first time. Was not a fun.
Huh, I remember the rad bow being very strong, once Gore shot me twice with them and I had to spend a good while getting treatment, the damage racked up very quickly too.
Only time I've ever had success with the rad crossbow was while teaming with a traitor after getting mindslaved. It did a pretty good job making it hard for people to escape and/or fight back for very long.

But as a solo traitor item? Maybe as part of some combinations, but I could probably find better stuff to use.
The radbow is a solid weapon, but far from stealthy. It has a projectile last time I checked and makes enough visuals to be noticed. The only success I've had with it has been hiding in bushes and firing out at people, but that'd probably work way better with the silenced pistol.
It should be changed to be completely stealthy other than the hand held sprite or it should be turned into something different.
the radbow used to be super robust and not in a bad way, it's a super slow way of killing someone so I don't understand why the visual cues were even necessary. Rad damage isn't hard to heal either
Honestly since you can see tox damage its not going to be great for stealth, something more effective for stealth would probably need to deal a type of damage you cant see, like brain damage
I think it would be cool if it brought your genetic stability down
Get rid of the sparks animation. I find the bolt fairly small and easy to miss in a dark room. Even better if there's a crowd for confusion if anyone notices. Having the bolts stick in and require surgery to remove could be nice. Maybe even give it 3 modes: Uranium, Mutadone, unstable mutagen or such. Lets you combo it with a custom sleepy pen
the animation should go away imo

(06-07-2021, 02:04 PM)Rilor Wrote: Honestly since you can see tox damage its not going to be great for stealth, something more effective for stealth would probably need to deal a type of damage you cant see, like brain damage

a crossbow that gives brain damage would be incredibly funny i'm a fan of this idea
When fixing the flying bolt which had turned into a damn bullet and was even more obvious I noticed the big ass impact sprite.

I cant' find it in the bullet_act() so I don't see where the impact sprite happens.
well someone went ahead and posted a issue for it on github, which I probably should have done. Now someones also gone ahead and made the spark effect gone as well. As well as this I have only realised it was 3tc, when before, I assumed it was 6tc. Considering some of the tips here, and the minor fix my faith in the radbow has been restored.

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