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Collection of mini-suggestions as not to flood the forum
Yeah, a few mini-suggestions. They'll be in bullet format and a small explanation as to why I think it will be both balanced and useful to the server.
  • Enbalming fluid syringe/auto injector
Medbay can be rough as hell if there's a lot of rotting dead bodies around, and the only real way to get enbalming fluid as an MD is from a single bottle that spawns in the morgue. Having 2-3 auto-injectors be apart of the nanomed list would let MDs carry around a small amount without fighting over the bottle, and would also help preventing corpses from rotting, since if you can't get someone to cloning immediately, you can just inject them and then drag them to cloning. If having the ability to instantly give someone five units of it is OP, a labeled syringe like the atropine and calomel in the nanomed would also be a lifesaver, perhaps even more so since you get three uses per syringe.
  • Have nukie's primary guns shoot bullets with a bit more stamina damage
This one stems from the fact that crew members are hard to keep down. With the assault troopers' rifle, I noticed that in a 1 on 1, I'll spend about twenty bullets per crewmember, half of which will miss. Even with careful aiming and them not doding like hell, I'll have to pump at least 7 into somebody before they're no longer a threat and in cardiac arrest, which both takes a lot of time and is a heavy drain on ammo reserves. Even if the shots did something managable like 15 stamina drain per hit, it would make ballistic options be a lot more viable, especially the non-revolver sidearm. Of course, this would need a lot of balancing, but I'm putting it out there.
  • Empty autoinjector/first aid kit sprite
It's a lot more simple but just having a stronger visual cue as to whether or not an autoinjector was used would be really nice for scavenging first aid supplies at lategame medbay when the air's at 20% of atmospheric pressure and you're in tox crit from a sting. Same goes for the first aid kits, it would be really nice to be able to tell if some jackass just took everything from the kit and dumped it on the floor or if there are actual healing chems in there.
  • Spear nanofab recipe not rewuiring use of an arrowhead and potential damage rebalancing.
 This one just comes from personal experience since I use spears as weapons a LOT, but the nanofab is really clumsy to use, and any streamlining would appreciated. The only potential reason not to do this would be a coding reason, at which point just code better lol (/j/j) Additionally, with stamina/physical damage, having it be a junction of the handle's density and the head's hardness could make for potentially deadlier combinations at the cost of higher stamina drain to the user. (Provided they don't break the 20 damage cap of the best common item on the station, the power hammer) (or maybe they should I'm sick of dying to miners with their dumb OP stunlocking hammers)

  • Adding a portable reclaimer to the warehouse at cog1
Please. I'm so tired of having to break into cargo in order to melt my steel sheets down. Literally every other map has one.
I don't have a lot to say about the other suggestions (except that empty medkit sprites would be very nice), but there's a few options for embalming fluid you might not know about:

There's rotbusttec implants which inject some upon death, if you care to get pre-emptive, and every medbay save Manta's has a pharmacy now. The recipe for formaldehyde is pretty simple, so you could get nearly a beaker's worth in a minute or so if you get familiar with making it.

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