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syndie fanny packs for traitor uplink
Since regular fanny packs are 5 slots now, would that make it a good idea to add the (7 slot) syndie fanny pack to traitor uplinks as a fairly cheap option? (or the outpost vendor for that matter) I can't say I have any particular kind of traitoring in mind with this idea.

Maybe they should be disguised as a regular grey or clown one or people would notice you're dastardly having slightly more inventory space than them.
I could be wrong about this, but I believe Stealth Storage can hold anything a fanny pack could, costs 1 TC, and also fits in pockets
idea Let syndies, spy thiefs, ect. scan their backpack and fanny pack to make them into the syndicate version for free, for when your DONE with subtlety
Fanny pack extension equipment, and it is just a smaller fanny pack you attach to the normal one, making it bigger
So stealth storage stores up to normal, so that's probably a stronger option? Most of what the fanny pack would have is going on your belt slot I guess. Still a considerable upgrade from the average belt though.

As amusing as a fanny pack fanny pack would be, I don't think making the thing dependent on finding a regular pack would make it all that useful.
Could potentially turn it into a chameleon object. What I mean is make it similar to the chameleon jumpsuit where you can select what it looks like. No matter what it looks like it'll always hold the same amount/size of items. Could swap between fanny packs and all belt types.

Being able to store any objects you can put in a backpack in a belt is already pretty strong, but now it would be a pretty darn useful utility item.
Chameleon belt with 7 backpack size slots sounds like an OK item for 1TC.

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