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Remove alcohol? Bartender rework?
It has come to my sorrow attention,...

This game - albeit it be great - harbors a lot of questionable aspects to it!

The bartender job is a great example of this. While serving drinks and making sure the crew stays hydrated I worry that the inclusion of alcoholic beverages could be too much for some folks. 

Perhaps there is a need to expand on the coffee variety - on the juice and smoothie experience?

Wouldn't it be great for y'all livers to stay sober forever? Sure it would!

- - -

Perhaps anybody has a good idea for a bartender rework so the job could function just as well without ethanol and of course thus any alcoholic beverages at all.

Perhaps the crew aboard the station should apply for a liquor license or ID on the forums first - before the bartender on station is allowed to serve them an alcoholic drink?

I think there are plenty of trails to be explored here mentally.

fat and sassy space-bee
If you do this again I will have words. Thread closed.

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