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Lumpy (New name) Banned by Unknown
My IRC/Discord Username: I believe it was COMSEC *something*, but I forgot, current Name is Lumpy#2891
Date and time of the ban: Late 2020, Before August.
Who banned me: Unknown.
Message given In the kick, If present: Unknown.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: Alright so circa late 2020 i was just chatting in #General when ursulamayor posted a picture of a game, I  said "Who cares" and then i got into a minor scuffle which ended in me saying (Semi sarcastically) "Can I please get banned", Which, Ended in a Ban.
(Please correct me if im wrong as I have a cloudy memory of the events)
Why I should be unbanned:My attitude  has improved significantly since then, i apologize for my previous behavior.
P.S: How can i change my profile picture on the forums?
First things first, regarding the circumstances of your ban. You actually got banned in late 2019, specifically around November 2nd. Your own account of the events matches the general narrative of what actually happened; it indeed took place in #general, you indeed responded to a video game screenshot (specifically from Warframe), you indeed acted like a jerk when dismissing the game, and you indeed requested to be banned. However, the person sharing the screenshot was not UrsulaMejor (or "ursulamayor" as you said), but Dions/Kate, a former admin, and your request to be banned was just "alright ban me", which is a different tone than "Can I please get banned". This won't affect whether you get unbanned or anything; this is just setting the record straight since you asked for correction.

It actually dating to 2019 is fairly important, because that makes it more difficult to find out who actually banned you and who thus is authorized to handle your appeal. Your ban predates our modern system for recording Discord bans, I can't find much in the logs of the admin channels regarding who banned you, and while Discord does list your ban, it only mentions the ban reason, not the banning admin. Basically, I don't know who banned you either, and since a lot of admins have left in between 2019 and now, it's quite likely the admin who banned you has since parted from the administration team. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to handle your appeal.

Anyways, to cut to the chase, you're unbanned. Try to behave yourself.

Only admins can change your avatar, by the way (it's a long story).  If you want a profile pic, go to this thread.
Thank you, And sorry for the confusion, This was a while back.
PS: will get a new pfp

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