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Removing Urine
The reason it's more visible on the RP server is because rounds are 2 hours and people have lots of time to realize someone is being weird. Main's shorter, more violent rounds conceal a lot of the weirdness that also goes on on that server, from experience.

If people go through the trouble of emoting out a bunch of pee stuff it's a little more obvious there's a rule 4 violation, no?
Are we removing piss? If so, bring back poo. Law of equivalent exchange and all that.

Seriously though yeah pissing is a problem and should be removed entirely
I also don't really have a strong opinion on this, but I would like to remind everyone to not make assumptions like "if they're going to remove piss, then that's opening a floodgate to removing everything fun and cool about the game".
Besides, opening the floodgates is when piss becomes a problem.
I simply do not see the reason why someone who is grossed out should be unable to call security or walk away?

Matter of fact - lots of blood and lots of piss or vomit is exactly what is keeping the janitor in business.
With the high-caliber orange-torpedo-infinite-cleaning-spray even current amounts of filth and floods are easily cleaned up in less than a minute.
Dialing down on that would make janitor more boring and confront one with even less enormous piles of dirt to clean up.

Also - whoever finds this gross; you could also enlist as a janitor at your local HoP office.
Hard agree with Flourish. Don't use slippery slope arguments to shut down anything you disagree with.

I still stand on the anti-pee side purely because of why not? If people find it gross and it isn't adding any value to the game, what's the harm in removing it? It can be abused, sexualized and just makes situations awkward at best. The concept of using piss to flood or attack people is probably funny to the person doing it, but pretty gross to everyone else. Gameplay-wise, it's merely an easy liquid you can produce to flood entire hallways and use it in a few recipes. Cows can still get to milk themselves, triple-piss and saltpetre can be adjusted. There's far too little value from keeping it in my opinion. Farts on the other hand have a whole plethora of features, tie-ins and even an azone. I could be convinced to wave farts goodbye, but that'd be a messier affair.
A clown throwing piss-balloons at security is adding great comedic value.
I'd say regular water balloons would be equal comedic value, without the grossness.
(06-02-2021, 12:38 PM)Leeanei Wrote: There's definitely been a few urine fetishists that pop in. We had someone ranting about how much they loved tricking people into eating their pee on RP recently. And there were a few other questionable folk going back. RP is worse for it because people have more time in a round to be weird.

My issue with pee damaging kidneys is it won't really stop the dedicated flooders whose goal is the flood and not survival, and definitely won't slow down the other group who will happily get cyberkidneys to keep going.

As for farts, yeah. They could go and the game would be unchanged other than people who currently won't play Goon because of the body humor giving us a try.

Torn on this, other than to say that the urine fetishists on RP and people who forcefeed it to you Very Obviously gain something beyond "haha, funny" that I'm not interested in being subjected to or witnessing. Yes, I really am tired of clowns that make it their duty every 2 weeks to return to flooding an area with urine. Call me a killjoy.

I wouldn't know how to replace it for chemistry and definitely don't want to be the one to do it. A related tangential sidenote is that it would dually fix some of the Weird Factor issues that come up from using bathrooms on maps if the mechanic was changed/removed, since sometimes you go into a bathroom and get dinged for public urination from a camera in there despite...being in the bathroom. 

Before anyone decides to be very Wise and suggest why I don't just remove the cameras 1.) I have; in two PRs; 2.) Not interested in creating more, larger swaths of unmonitored and easy "dead space" than there already is on the maps where this remains a problem.

Edit: Also something something janitor unemployment. I would be happy with opening a new PR to place down more of those cleanable decals to keep janitors over-employed. Maybe someone could figure out a randomization for generating some of those on roundstart across the map so the janitorial experience is unique every time. I dunno, I guess look at whatever space fungus does.
The chem recipe it's involved in is saltpetre, which botany has at round start and QM can order more. I believe nitro was removed in part because of ease of making in a hole, and having more need for folks to leave for high explosives and haggle with botany/QM is good. The pyrotechnic chems can still be made in the hole so the loss is mostly in the instant gibbing. Otherwise, I think it can be replaced with ammonium nitrate or something? It's a chemical we synthesize in the modern era.
I'd also be fine with this being removed as it mainly just ends up annoying and a dumb gross out joke where some people spend multiple rounds in a row just piss flooding and it does have issues with people who would treat it sexually and make an issue that way.
(06-02-2021, 03:20 PM)Flourish Wrote: I also don't really have a strong opinion on this, but I would like to remind everyone to not make assumptions like "if they're going to remove piss, then that's opening a floodgate to removing everything fun and cool about the game".

Logical fallacy, yes, but overtime true and im seeing more things in the changelog that point to this already occurring.
Imo piss is some classic toilet humor and I would prefer to just deal with people being creepy or un-fun with it on a case-by-case basis rather than removing it
There already have an in-game solution to people being creepy about pee: Adminhelps
(06-02-2021, 02:51 PM)Souricelle Wrote: Another option presented has been to analyze the flood mechanics in general and look at how much bodily fluid a single person can produce. Addicts are vomiting unreasonable amounts and a single body apparently has several dozen gallons of blood in it. These are both annoying and people are running them into the ground too.

oh god please dont deduce the amount of blood a single person can spill i love filling my entire kitchen with blood from monkeys or humans

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