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Removing Urine
This has come up several times in discord discussions but I have decided to make a thread about it to finally get a real gauge on the matter. I'll start off by saying that I personally find urine to be disgusting. I have left many rounds on both RP and Classic due to somebody having some odd obsession with filling as much of the station as possible with urine. Let it be from a disgusting cube of piss to a wizard that forces people to drink their pee I have never once seen a gimmick involving piss to be enjoyable. Goon has removed poo before. I wouldn't miss urine either.
Can we just murder pissflooding clowns? It's not funny anymore.
I’m fully for the removal of piss apart from the chemicals that need it. Just replace those with a good alternative and it’s a good change.
I have no strong feelings one way or the other
I looked into this and you could easily remove the emote and change the contents of the 2010 vintage and I think this would effectively remove it from being player accessible.

There is a whole lot of things required to remove it more comprehensively.
Urine shouldn't make giant floods. Just make any amount poured on the ground make a decal puddle that doesn't pool like *vomit.

I don't want it outright removed tbh it's very useful for maintainance botany mixed with paper
Triple piss would be one of the harder chems to replace, perhaps replace it entirely with another triple? Like for example something like triple oil, which is kerosene, welding fuel, and oil. While I dont think that a triple like triple oil would be the best replacement to remain triple triple, something in the same vein would be good.
pee is funny
(06-02-2021, 07:33 AM)Souricelle Wrote: pee is funny

Having people constantly be gross with it is not funny.
The urine and compost could be replaced in saltpetre with ammonia and nitric acid. The way saltpetre is made in real life is with ammonium nitrate and potash. The ammonia can be made by botany with nitrogen from beans and hydrogen from balloon melons. Nitric acid would need to have a botany unique way of farming, personally what Id suggest is making another nitric acid recipe, something like (1) Sulfuric acid + (1) Saltpetre -> (2) Nitric acid (This is yet again another irl way to make a chem). Then, add a plant that produces sulfuric acid. This should make farming saltpetre really interesting, because you need saltpetre to farm saltpetre if youre doing it through botany. This would also promote interdepartmental cooperation for saltpetre farming, ammonia and nitric acid would probably be easier to make through a chemdispenser.
(06-02-2021, 07:35 AM)unfunnyperson Wrote: Having people constantly be gross with it is not funny.

By God you're right let's get farts while we're at it
Can people lighten up please. There's nothing more SS13 than killing someone by throwing superheated piss pitchers in their unprotected faces


I think we're at the point where we need to split codebases for RP and Main. Remove all the fun things for the RP server, let people continue to do wacky shit on Main without removing fun features
(06-02-2021, 07:57 AM)Cal Wrote:
(06-02-2021, 07:35 AM)unfunnyperson Wrote: Having people constantly be gross with it is not funny.

By God you're right let's get farts while we're at it

Issue is farts are very useful for atmos, and one azone (fartnasium) relies on farts, youd need to rework an entire azone and add a replacement gas (Which seems like design hell, rn farts as a gas is easy to get and hard to mass produce). Designing a suitable replacement gas seems extremely hard, and the dev who worked on fartnasium is currently gone, and the redesign that removing farts should probably be run through them.
I'm on neither side, but seeing as a lot of people love flooding the station with unending piss floods, why not just modify it to act like vomit and only cover the floor in a piss puddle instead of build up like a liquid?
From what I recall (it has been a long fucking time, so my memories may be entirely wrong), poo was removed because some people were becoming borderline sexually fetishistic with it.

As long as our behavior towards piss is still couched in "hehe, toilet flood funny"-style bathroom humor, I don't see much reason for a removal to be justified.

(Same deal with farts)

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