Mentor application - Vivienne Katzenberger
Usual character name: Vivienne Katzenberger
BYOND username: flappybat
Discord username (if you are on our discord): katzen#8596
Recommended by (if applicable): RichardGere
Goon servers you play: 1 - Heisenbee

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I am a newer player (Sept?) and have found this to be a great community with a very deep game. Personally it took me hundreds of hours to get used to the controls and after nearly 2000 rounds there is still plenty to learn. I've played a bit of everything, made a lot of mistakes and now feel pretty comfortable with jobs. Don't think I've met a massive amount of new players but I've guided three people in different rounds over setting up the TEG and or person or two over using the teleporter. Today I guided a new player (4 rounds played) through a round of doctoring on gangs and I think I got a pretty good idea of what is involved, initially they were keen on building guns and poisons so I had to explain not just how to heal people but a general idea of the rules and self defense. I was lucky that they were receptive and paid attention because with the chaos of gangs going on around us that I managed to show them basic healing, cryo and cloning. This has given me some confidence in applying today.

I try to be a grudge free player who aims for something closer to medium RP despite the speed and chaos of classic, as the most interesting things that happen in this game come from talking to people and giving things the potential to play out. I know people can look at this as a "game" and quickly run foul of the rules by having the wrong attitude, like the guy today who expected combat. This is where I think mentors can make the most difference, not just answering questions but helping guide players before they get on the wrongside of an ahelp in their first few rounds.

While it's not that mentor relevant I've picked up coding and contributed a whole bunch of stuff that you've hopefully had a good time with! It does help me check out how things are coded to work and work out if something is bugged which has proven useful on Discord!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Had a good murderspree with them. +1, same round as this  

[Image: 4EWwyRx.png]

Funny person; also goes along with gimmicks, and knows what theyre doing.
Fatzen/Fartzen is knowledgeable and trustworthy

Vivienne Katzenberger is always fun to have around. Definitely effective at the game, and knows stuff, but doesnt powergame in unfun ways which is important. Ive seen them giving help many times. +1
Katz good
I haven't seen you in game much, but you seem cordial and nice on discord. +1 unless I see something that changes my mind.
I really like Katz, I've seen them around plenty, though we don't talk at all.

While I can attest to very warm and friendly behavior on her part, I haven't witnessed her training or helping others much so I can't support this.

That said, She seems like a fine person.
Yes, good bean and overall positive presence ingame and on discord
Although I fear having a mentor cat among mentor mice
Good, knowledgeable player. +1
Definitely a +1.

Vivienne has been a mellow person in my experience and knows enough about the game to help new players out.
Katzen has always been a joy to be around both ingame and out, and they're already a very helpful presence to other players. I'd definitely love to see them as a mentor!
+1 from me.
Vivienne good.  +1.
Vivi and I have a lot of fun together. I always look forward to playing with them (and her character shares the same name with my daughter!)


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