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Goonstation Administration Team
Hi Mop. It's true that the admin team has made mistakes, and it's true that our flat structure needs a lot more work, and I totally get why to a player it could feel frustrating to not be privy to admin discussions, but to make claims such as us specifically targeting or being prejudiced against trans members of the community just to further your goal of pushing "admins bad" is pretty disappointing. Don't get me wrong - I think generally it's good to voice your thoughts, especially on things that you really care about. But I do think that your complaint thread here is misleading and more founded in deep dislike of the team and the fact that we don't cater specifically towards you, than any real care or concern for Goon's future.

Generally we don't reveal player notes, because we respect player privacy. I've thought about it a bit, and while it would be pretty cathartic to show you all your notes in this public thread, I'm going to refrain, because I don't think public embarrassment will really prompt any self-reflection. Instead, I'm just going to say this.

You have a long history of being aggressive and hostile to admins and other players, and you've been talked to about it many, many times. You've been banned for it twice. I've been involved in a lot of warnings and talking-tos, and as a result, I've seen a lot of "sorry" and "I'll do better", which almost never seem to stick. I find it incredibly frustrating how on one hand, you claim to care about the community, and on the other, have consistently insulted, belittled, and mocked members of the community, despite so many different chances and vows to change. Time and time again, you've shown that extending you kindness and understanding results in nothing, or further vitriol. I honestly regret not banning you sooner and forcing the community to put up with you for so long. If you genuinely care about Goon, I hope you take the time to think on yourself instead of pinning all your anger and frustration on our admin team.

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