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Sord and ??? (Snake salespeople) 5/28/2021 - Morty/Server 3
There were two admins on for this round and I only caught who one of them was; very sorry to whoever else was on this round that I forgot your name, but wanted to give you both a shout out!

I was a security officer on Morty on Cog1; I did some basic stuff, taking a mime with an arrest warrant for "existing" off arrest and then immediately after, the clown approached Security with a toy hammer and complained about their skin condition (they were transformed into the Exadev human sprite; very tragic). We worked with the clown for a little while, trying to tell them their condition was fine and not a problem and also that they needed to wear clothes when at work on the station, and sent them fully-clothed and on their way. And then we started to notice...the "snakes".

Someone was selling snakes to people and the Captain had a few that he carted around. I didn't think much of this, other than that it was weird, and also that it was very loving that the Captain cared enough to throw each snake one-by-one through the genebooth to get them all the good mutations. I was walking up the hall when I saw one of the snakes slithering, which, to this point they hadn't appeared to move on their own. Another one slithered up to me shortly after, and then ran away. 

At some point later, someone with X-Ray vision saw through the wall at the public market and found a disgusting body farm and cloning pod setup, with lots of detached lizard limbs--the truth about how these "snakes" were being made. (It was not intended that the players would enter the farm, but by gosh, we did!). We cursed Ritchie the Snake Salesman's name and also his dead body we found in the farm for running such a heinous operation; then tried to help convert surviving snakes back into people, since we had found some personal effects in the farm, like clown shoes.

Then there was a scene in the Chapel; two more "snakes" had broken the aquarium. I grabbed them to bring them to medbay and try to help them, but when I dropped them in the hall for a doctor to try treating them, they ended up following to me, following me. I had to get the NTSO to help me; he made a summoning circle that was, in the four cardinal directions, yellow crayon pentagrams, with bees in each corner, and an ! to the left and a ? to the right. He dragged the snakes to the center and banished them with a little verse. And then the floor opened up and the devil popped out and said hello to us.

Some other stuff (re:a lot) happened that round, but the snake saga was certainly a highlight.

A fun round, if a little busy! Thank you as always for the effort and gimmicks at the right times and pacing for the round! This was fun to come back to RP to, and I appreciate that I got to interact with so many different roles when doing all this!
I believe Bill was the other admin on, but I don't think he had much to do with the snake merchant. Glad you enjoyed the gimmick! (Even if it turned a bit dark at the end there...)
that gimmick turned Vicky to drinking... again!

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