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A4Brogan Discord Ban by adhara
My IRC/Discord Username: A4Brogan#8771

Date and time of the ban: Sometime Last month, I recall

Who banned me: Adhara
Message given in the kick, if present: I would give that, if I had access to it. It was in a pocket thing in the admin zone

Summary of events leading up to the ban: If I remember correctly (please correct me if I mess up, my memory is terrible), I was talking to someone in the cool-zone that was retelling a case where a male bodysearched them and as a trans it upset them. I remember I was attempting to explain the methodology behind the bodysearch and why it's important for the safety of everyone involved, but my attempts came off as offensive.

Why I should be unbanned:
I like to think I am not transphobic, but I admit I am very, VERY uneducated on the subject. After taking a month to mull over the ban, I have come to the conclusion that someone who was traumatized by a body search probably doesn't need a rational explanation and detail, but an ear to listen and maybe a shoulder to cry/punch/hang on to.

I do apologize for being an idiot, and my autism is NOT an excuse. I have come to learn that when it comes to things like this, silence is golden, and the best teacher; one cannot learn of other people's plights if one is allowing their own mind and mouth to drivel on like some open mic connected to random VOIP service.

I can understand if people here don't want me around, and I will leave if that is what you as a group want. I also request a Mute on the cool-zone, as I still wanna read when Popecrunch has a story time.

(Please delete the previous thread, as I goofed up on the title.)
Ban lifted. Don't do it again buster.

I also have good and bad news about your last paragraph. Good news: coolzone no longer exists, so you don't have to be banned from it. Bad news: pope also is no longer around, so no more rad stories.

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