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GOREDON CLOWNMAN (Discord) banned by Howlin' Mad Murphy
"Ban appeal for [the username you were using at the time] banned by [who banned you]"


My IRC/Discord Username: GOREDON CLOWNMAN / Gore#8342

Date and time of the ban: 20 minutes ago? Ban time 1 day.

Who banned me: Howlin' Mad Murphy[url=byond:///?action=priv_msg_irc&nick=howlinmadmurphy][/url]

Message given in the kick, if present i banned you from discord. you broke rule 1 pretty flagrantly in your anger over in-game issues. i'm not lifting it but you're free to file a complaint

Summary of events leading up to the ban: It was the current Pod_Wars round. I worked at mining, done so for most of the round, so that I could make myself a fully upgraded pod - which I then completed around the 50 minute mark. I put in a padlock with the code AB28 and had it locked. A player by the name of Holly Hock stole my pod and did not react to any emotes or PDA messages I was sending his way. Multiple ahelps regarding that issue followed as he not only drove away in my pod but also rammed or shot me - so all the time spent on building and helping my team got immediately destroyed by one prick deciding it be fun to rather take my pod than build his own or even ask for help in regards how to build his own pod. I would have gladly helped someone set up their pod - but stealing mine after such a hefty time investment proved to be rather enraging. Following this and several minutes; I guess it were like 10. Of no response to my ahelps I began complaining about the incident and Holly Hock on the spacemen chat in Discord. After that post Grifflez and Mordent were so nice to help me in regards to the incident even though I was still pretty enraged. Nonetheless Howlin' Mad Murphy later reveleaed that he was the one who banned me from Discord wor meatgaming.

Why I should be unbanned: I do not deny that a rule was broken; I just deny that I broke the spirit of the rule. The spirit would be to not leak any information which could ease meta-gaming. Such I did not. A teamplayer stealing a pod on such a large map in space? No useful intel gained here. I might have been enraged and pretty on edge, but I was not doing the game any harm. As such I do not regard the reason for the day ban as quite so valid. However I understand the reason behind it - but I just wanna hear from Howlin Mad Murphy himself how my posts influenced the ongoing round negatively in any capacity. Any enlightement on that front would be greatly appreciated.
As to a reason why I should be unbanned? Well the round is now over and so is the rage which could be atributed to that round. As such I see no more reason to keep me from writing with fellow people I regard as nice in-between rounds.
(05-27-2021, 04:18 PM)GORE Wrote: I just deny that I broke the spirit of the rule. The spirit would be to not leak any information which could ease meta-gaming.

The spirit of the rule is "our long-time regulars don't normalize this behavior and make it look acceptable to new players who either won't know or care to differentiate what is or isn't okay to talk about". Don't break it because you don't think what you're posting counts. Don't break it because you're especially angry that day.

Don't break it.
I won't deny that Bravo.

Was unreasoned for to vent especially in that public chat.
Shouldn't have done that - although I dislike to bottle emotions up when things get so tense and heated.
Not easy to keep calm. :I

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