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Lifted Eagletanker banned by Flourish
Who banned you?:  Flourish
Byond Key: eagletanker
Discord Username: N/A
Date of Ban:  Roughly the 5 or 6th of May
Specified Reason for Ban: Self-requested ban until June.
Ban Length:  Until June 1st, in about 5 more days
What led to the ban?: Self Requested
Why am I appealing?: I have gotten done the first part of what I needed to be done, and would like to come back for a short break off of school work for a round and then be re-banned in time for more crunch. I’m not the best at self regulation/management so its why I am doing this at the moment cause I know it would not happen any other way.
Which rule did you break?: - Read the rules at and tell us which ones were broken. N/A
Evasion Attempts: - Did you try to get around the ban at all? Also, if you use a virtual machine or VPN, this is the time to tell us. None, it was a self requested ban.
Unbanned per Flourish's instructions

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