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Pod Wars Release Date: Today 5/25 8PM NY Time
So a couple other admins and I have been sporadically working on a new admin gimmick game mode: Pod Wars. I figure it's about time that we release/test it on the live servers today 5/25 8PM NY Time on Goon 1 Heisenbee. We're probably not going to force a server restart at exactly 8PM, so when that round comes to an end we'll play that round. 

For those interested, here is the link to the PR on GitHub:

To very briefly describe it here:
- There are two teams that spawn in ships on opposite sides of the map, NanoTrasen and Syndicate. They both have basically equal starts, same items, same equipment and each team has a certain amount of points, that goes up/down by killing the enemy or destroying "Critical Systems" on the outside of the enemy base ship.
- They have to mine the asteroid field for materials or set up their mineral magnet to build quality pods. And after 15 minutes, there are control points along the center of the map can be captured which provide reward items for holding them. Every 5 minutes you control a point, you get escalating rewards.
- All players get automatically cloned at lighting speed when they die at the cost of points.

On a totally unrelated note. Exactly 44 years ago to the day on May 25, 1977, the film Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope was released in theaters.
Eastern Standard Time or GMT cause I don’t think NY time is a time zone (sorry for being pedantic)
Eastern Daylight Time, I guess (what New York is currently in).
EDT is GMT-4, for the record.
Stupid question; is the event on server 1 only, or will it be on the other servers?
Yeah, it's gonna be on goon 1: Heisenbee. I updated the main post to reflect that. This should hopefully teach me not to make big posts like this at 5 am anymore.
Will there be multiple rounds of it? Or just the one?
So that was a pretty good first test. Collected a lot of feedback. There is still mountains of work to do though. We did a few hotfixes/improvements that should help the mode run a bit quicker. The main tweaks that aren't outright bugfixes are:
- Removing the csaber as a high tier reward item.
- Holding a Control Point removes 2 points from the enemy team each time a reward crate drops.
- Losing all 4 Critical Systems on your home ship is an instant loss.

The next time I plan to run the mode is going to be later today the 26th at 9PM EDT on the server Goon 2: Bombini. Other admins might run the mode at various times as is convenient to their time zones so that people who can't make mine will have a chance to play. I personally can't really do much earlier during the week.

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