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Lethal doses for initro poisons?
I usually don't get around to testing the initro poisons like initropidril and initrobeedril, but sometimes I come across them randomly when antag and I don't know what to do with them. I think someone told me that 5.3 units of initrobeedril is just enough for the poison to work, and reason I'm asking how much is needed is because if you inject just under the amount needed it won't work and injecting over that amount just wastes this rare poison. Specifically I was wondering on how much normal initropidril or even concentrated initropidril is needed to kill since I think 5.3 units is correct for initrobeedril. Thanks! 

Also I think the wiki says 5 units are needed for initrobeedril but not sure if you need to inject exactly 5.3 units.
Regular Initropidril is pure RNG, so there is no amount that will be guaranteed to lead to cardiac arrest, it is a 10% chance each cycle.

As for initrobeedril and royal initrobeedril, those cause their major effect (the bee) on cycle 26. Seeing as they have a depletion rate of 0.2, I think you would need about 5.3 units for this as well, even though they are not disease reagents. (But you would need to watch out for things that quicken depletion, like charcoal, genetics, etc...)

Concentrated Initropidril on the other hand is a disease reagent, which will cause the cardiac arrest disease when you have the required amount in you. (Which according to the wiki is 5.3 as well, but for different reasons than the 5.3 for the beedrils.)

Lastly, if you get the chem from a martian injector or chembomb artifact, it is likely to actually be Fake Initropidril, which does absolutely nothing.

Also I didn' test any of this *dab

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