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Eagletankers Mapping Project Progress thread

I'm Eagletanker, and I've been working on and off on some projects during my break, so I'm going to post them here! I dont know how to post screen shots however. Yep, this is a good idea


1. The Tselabok 

"Wait!" I hear you say, "Isn't that being made by a team of people?" Yeah it still is, though I'm going to post the updates I have made to the map as right now I'm not on discord and its hard to contact and be contacted by other people cause I'm not on any other Social Media site. Also, everything about Tselabok is just speculation and experimentation at this moment. Its unlikely it will be accepted into game, and it's unlikely it will be finished. This is just a update about it so people interested in it know what's going on on my end.

Work on the Cargo section has ground to a halt, as I start to work on the first big thing I need to do. The Mass Driver

So, Planetary mass drivers aren't as simple as you would think sadly, this post from Atomic Rockets goes into the nitty gritty of it's problems and a bunch of hard sci fi (due to goonstations omission of FTL, I figured why not go the extra mile and try and do some more reality based stuff with a twist to keep it fun and not as hard sci fi, I guess Goon fi would be a good term to describe it) ways of getting stuff off planet and into orbit. I have decided to go with a mass driver because 1. It's cool, 2. It's pretty renewable in terms of getting stuff into orbit. All you need is a crate, some heat protection, and the power to run it, a vacuum tube and a about 47 million dollars, and voila, you have a way of shooting things into orbit and a way to shoot back at things trying to shoot at you. And 3. It allows me to use more space on the map.

For now, I've also dialed back on working on Tselaboks engine. Right now the priority is a working map, which means going with a Geo Thermal engine rather than the special one we have planned (if you can code and want to help out, please PM Mushroom and they should be able to do more there). If your wondering "Hey, why does a geothermal engine work in a snowy region that's not near any hot springs or anything" Well, I cant say much but... not everything is as it seems at the Tselabok. 

Work on botany has also started! As has more of the Civilian sector. Botany's shape is heavily inspired by Mushroom and Cog's botany, with a bit of stealing from Costal Artillery Batteries. I think it looks nice, and the maint around it should be easy to make due to it. 

Moving away from the coldness of snow and back into the warm embrace of the stars and vacuum we call home, I've started work on four things!

1. Updation of Mushroom to a playable state. Currently the ranch has been added and is awaiting me to actually submit it on github, and I've started working on the MD's office and a shifting of medbay. Currently I have also started blueprints for more podbays, along with expanding the Listening post.

2. A new mining outpost! Currently I'm trying to fix it's tendency to decided Venting is the better part of valor, but it's at this point more finishing the touches and adding some lore.

3. Project Celeste. Ever wanted to salvage but gotten bored of debris and mining Z's? Well, Project Celeste will hopefully bring a end to that. It's a random event (controllable if I learn how UIs work which I most certainty cannot) that will bring in random wrecks to the station Z, each with it's own story. I am prepping 3 demo prefabs of each planned size (Small, 30x30, Medium 50x40, and Large 60x70) which will have their own threads of the Celeste Mining Company, a reputable mining company among the Rock Hoppers/Belters/Pioneers/Spacers/Whatever you want to call the people who live in the frontier and the small colonies in the frontier for non crime related reasons. Please do not smuggle any NT Prohibited items through the channel. I'm working on just getting the event to summon some smaller stuff first as a proof of concept, which I shall update this post with a video of it once I am able to do so!

4. Moving the Cog 2 PTL. Requested by Pali in Immapper a while back and something I decided to try and do, this is a moving of the cog 2 PTL and a renovation of the podbay around it. It's coming along nicely and I will post a screen shot of it once I figure out how! The new secpost is a bit smaller, but some merchant stalls have opened up due to its moving. Might try to add some pods to the parking spots around the podbay. 

Thats about all I am working on! once I figure out how to post screen shots from my computer's drive I'll upload all of what was motioned above. Yell at me if something is off or if you have any thoughts about what I am doing.

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