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Your attitude on Discord alone leaves a nasty impression. You seem to believe that security is about how one team is the sec team and how the antags are another team with civvies that happen to be there, when the general play is people getting together and doing dumb shit for the sake of entertainment. I'm worried that if you're HoS, you'll bring out armory weaponry because someone with a wrestling belt challenged people in a fight to the death and is on a winning streak in the ring, or someone's going around showing off their really cool Football outfit. This in particular...

Quote:there is action on rp but being on rp also sucks when the guys above you buy in to a gimick or get mind slaved...becuse it gose form you being able to do your job to the cap bitching at you becuse you refuse to give the ce back there triator clown suit

...tells me that the attitude you have as security is very anti-fun. Just about any gimmick is more fun and less common than murderboning and should be encouraged, not shamed.

-1 from me.
(05-23-2021, 10:16 AM)Drewmajor11 Wrote: Honestly I can't say I've played enough recently to comment on how you are now, but I remember in the past you were really over aggressive about stuff and I've barely seen you play security even when I've played more recently. I'm not gonna +1 or -1 since I haven't played recently enough to give an informed opinion I'm just adding information that may or may not still be relevant.

I've played RP a bit more recently and honestly how I've seen you act to players your general attitude is pretty off putting. While I won't comment directly on interactions between us since theres a fair chance you were rightfully angry at me I will say that you still seem very aggressive and get angry at people too angry while not really explaining why. I think you can be interesting and fun but most of the time I honestly dread seeing you around the station so I'm going to put this as a -1 for now.

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