HoS App: Walpvrgis/Cygnus Lyedelle
Usual character name: Cygnus Lyedelle (my main character used to be named Ezra Lyedelle, and I also have regularly played sec as Oberon Graf, Crux Velorum and a smattering of randomname rounds)
BYOND username: walpvrgis
Discord username (if you are on our discord): walpvrgis#0001
Recommended by (if applicable): Cal, Slazzy, A few ppl on discord who weren't HoS so idk if I should list them here!
Goon servers you play: Morty and Sylvester. This application is very catered to playing security on the roleplay servers, though I'd love to try sec on main sometime!

Reason for application:

My main reasons for applying are;
  • I just really enjoy playing Sec! During the hours that I most regularly play at, there is rarely a HoS, and I have found myself taking the unofficial lead enough times to want more tools to do a better job at it. I am also a little tired of having directionless or even antagonistic secoffs around without a department lead to handle them, having the authority to deal with it appropriately would be nice.
  • My active gameplay hours are usually somewhere between 6pm-3am AEST, during which there are often few Security Officers and fewer Heads of Security around. There are often players new to security (I find myself teaching Security Assistants quite a lot while playing SecOff), trying it out during the quieter hours on the RP servers, and a HoS to help teach and lead them would be a positive start to their SecOff careers too.
  • The fashion is exquisite and as NTSO I get to call my gun the Cygnifier II, amazing.
I wouldn't say that I'm a Sec main, I only play Security a couple of times a week at most, and I'm not the most recogniseable security player either due to my history of random-naming the role (or mainly playing it as characters I no longer play), but I thought I would apply anyhow. I’ve been enjoying Mentor Friday HoS and NTSO rounds enough to want whitelisting! Here's to us!

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I first got the courage to try playing Security Officer in early November of 2020, after watching Tamto play security on stream and thinking that Hey! I could actually do this! I am an anxious baby at times so it was a bit of a big jump from playing a hermit scientist/medical doctor. After observing some regular HoS and Secoff players, I got the courage to give it a shot, and was lucky enough to catch a round with an NTSO. The round was hectic, but I learned quite a lot from both the NTSO (I don't remember the name I'm sorry mysterious teacher NTSO....) and the rest of the team, and was encouraged to keep at it.

I love that Security on Morty and Sylvester is an RP-heavy role, and I tend to go for the diplomatic approach when it comes to dealing with both antagonists and regular staff altercations. I try to be fair to antagonists (and regular crew) when helping them with their issues. I also know when to stop trying to Speech 100 a situation and when force is needed, whether it be towards an antagonist or my own fellow Security Officers.

One of the most important aspects of playing security for me personally is keeping players in the round and having a good time. I know that it's not always possible to fulfill this, but I do the best I can to give everyone a fair chance. Keeping the flow of a round going and letting antagonists have a chance to complete their plans and gimmicks is up there for me as well. I would rather have a funny and/or memorable interaction with an antag where I "lose" and they get to keep doing their gimmick, than an interaction that stops their plans in their tracks and ends their antag round immediately.

I'll be honest; I do fumble and make mistakes a lot still. I definitely have room to grow. I'm not the most... Robust (my aim is terrible, I know), but I can defend myself decently. I feel that my main skill in Security comes from encouraging altercations to became rp rather than a straight up fight. There are always bad rounds, and times where I feel I made mistakes or I didn't make the right choice, or I end up needing to take a break from sec as it got to be a bit much. But the positive rounds, where Sec had a great team and antags played along with us in an engaging and fun manner far outnumber the negative. I get overwhelmed sometimes, but it helps to remember that it's just a game, and it's fine if I need to go cryo for a breather!

Also before I forget to add this; I really love writing dumb tickets. It's my passion.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other sec players?
  • Pay attention to the smaller reports and little crimes. Sure they're not as glamorous or heroic as fistfighting a vampire or hunting down a changeling, but it's worth building trust and a good relationship with regular staff on the station. If they know you have their back, they will be much more willing to help you out in return. I've often had someone I've assisted with petty crimes return later to help me trap a slippery antag or even just having the moral support of the crew is nice.
  • Don't just shut people in the brig and walk away as punishment. Try to talk to them to figure out their motives, see if they want to do a villainous monologue; if they're willing to do a bit, do it! Not everyone will be willing to, but they're still players and if they are legitimately antags, they want to keep their round going too, regardless of being captured.
  • Let other people, even crimers have their moments too. It's fine to not be the hero and it's fine to "lose". At least on the RP servers where I primarily play, each round is kind of a collaborative storytelling session and hey, sometimes the bad guys win. It's fine. If you feel that you have to Win constantly, you will burn out quickly. It's ok to mess up and laugh at yourself too.
  • Everyone always says this one but please, I beg of you, communicate with your team. It's especially frustrating to latejoin as a Secoff and to have nobody know what is happening, or nobody willing to tell you what is happening! I remember one round where I arrested someone set to arrest and was immediately chewed out as they'd already been brigged and released; it felt bad af to have done that, but also I was doing what I thought was right at the time. Update arrest statuses and let your team know! If someone latejoins security and you see it in the chatlog, give them the rundown if you're available to. It makes everything much smoother.
What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
Playing as Security: Recently I was playing as NTSO with Cal as HoS... I use the Petasusaphilic/Random Hat Trinket trait, and happened to start with a SECOND NTSO helmet... Cal tried it on and we found that it had bugged, being stuck on his head permanently. The round was pretty slow in the beginning, so we went around trying to remove the helmet in goofy ways... We attempted to grease his head up with butter, but ended up forcefeeding it to him instead, and he promptly had a heart attack from the three sticks of butter we had fed him. :') I have more Cool Secoff Stories but I think my favourite ones are mostly stories about a good fun security team goofing off, ahaha.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
In a full team I tend to find myself focusing on the petty crimes more, as I don't like seeing them go ignored. Depending on the team itself, I will dip in and out of helping out with the major antagonist issues, trying to find a good balance. Not to say I haven't had my fair share of rounds where I'm the one confronting an antag, and those are always fun with a team to back you up. When I play as a solo secoff, I'm a bit quieter on public comms, as I find myself working with command on the sec line a lot. I've been lucky in that most solo secoff rounds I've done, the antagonists scaled their havoc to fit with the low population, haha.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I WANT to do mime security but also I know that it would be hell for both me and anybody that must interact with me as Security Mime, lmao.

Draw a picture!
I painted NTSO Cygnus as it is my fave security role to play.......Vote for Cygnus, first bishounen HoS/NTSO thank you

[Image: 5pzNLch.png]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
None that I am aware of.
Yes yes yes yes yes!! Walp would be an amazing HoS, always ready to contribute to fun gimmicks and bits, and very tough while they do it! Any time I've ever worked with them on security they've been super communicative and incredibly helpful whenever I've needed it. We need this bishounen HoS!
+1 yes.

can't say anything better about you than how you've said it yourself: "One of the most important aspects of playing security for me personally is keeping players in the round and having a good time. I know that it's not always possible to fulfill this, but I do the best I can to give everyone a fair chance."

i only regret that i haven't caught you as hos/ntso yet. you're a great person to work and interact with, especially in security. i'd be honored and humbled to learn a thing or two from your leadership.
Incredible art as always. I'm sure you'd make a great head of security.
Every single experience I've had with Walp's characters have been incredibly positive. I feel they would be an amazing HoS because they understand that it's not about good guy catch bad guy, they know as HoS they will be there to make the round experience fun for everyone; non-antags AND antags. They are very attentive and are happy to help everyone who needs their assistance and they are also an AMAZING teacher. I appreciate someone who acknowledges that security shouldn't win every time too and that there are greater moments to be had by losing. They will be a great role model for new and existing sec officers because they'll teach them to not just play sec but to enjoy it too. They're also a player who treats everyone fairly even if they don't know them which is something I'd like to see more of in security roles. Absolutely a +1 from me!!!
great roleplayer, all around great person. i think theyre very suited for HoS as I've seen them play it a handful of times as mentors sometimes do on fridays, and excel in the role. their mindset and security playstyle that i have seen is one for encouraging storylines and interaction with the crew, rather than shutting down antagonists or anything equally as boring. +1
+1, without a doubt.

Walpvgis always goes out of their way to ensure everyone ingame has a good time when they're involved, no matter what role they're in. They are incredibly polite and always manage to keep a good attitude despite what may be going on in the round, they go above and beyond as an officer, and respond and react to things better than some HoS's ive seen. I know I can always rely on Walpurgis to have my back in stressful situations no matter how we split them.

I would be overjoyed to have you lead the team, and to work under you.

No comment, just great.
An amazing person, focuses on fun and kindness in any role and any situation. Absolutely a pleasure of a person and player. Competent while in Security, will approach every situation in a fun and interesting light, and genuinely improves the experiences of others.

+1 with my entire heart, give 'em the Cygnifier!

Walpvrgis is kind, patient, and everything I want in a HoS. And they look really, really cool.
i have had so many great shifts with walp and they are always kind and friendly, every time i see walp in the shift they are always positive and great to talk to and fun to hang around with, in terms of how they would be as hos, they always try to make a shift fun for as many people as they can! they are always polite and very positive and sooo kind

overall i feel they would make a great hos and would always be a positive influence on the round with their great and kind personality, best mime hos! +1
+1 for definite!

Havent played much Sec with you, but from other interactions, you're an all around quality person, quality RPer and from our few Sec rounds, a quality officer! Is firm and fair with antags and crew alike, and is an absolute blast to have on the team for both serious business and light hearted shenanigans.
Easy +1. Walp is kind and positive throughout everything they do, and I see no problem with giving them the whitelist.

Walp is always really nice to RP with and they seem like they have the right mindset/temprament for a HoS in RP.
Not even going to explain. +1

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