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Easy +1! Retrino is a blast to play with whenever I see them on Sec! Love burning away fourty minutes of a slow round shove-farting with you, anytime! And I'd love to see you in a nice cozy security blanket!

I'm also the lizard dude who couldn't dismantle the TTV! I love the rendition!
Good person and player. Matcha's a delight in Sec and other roles, no reason why Retrino wouldn't do the beret proud.
Retrino is a great player, a solid contributor across the board in Goonstation, and a delight to play with as multiple characters! They would make a fantastic HoS!
Could be the easiest +1 i've seen. One of those "wait, they aren't HoS yet?".

Chill player with good judgement.
wait you mean you aren't already whitelisted? wtf

you are a good and a fun player +1
I can absolutely recommend Retrino as a HoS Assistant. They'll be the best HoS Ass you've ever seen. +1.
Often wanders into security with one or two deranged murderers mounted in their hands and sometimes they hurt my sec-staffies. -1 frown

Really though, I haven't personally witnessed Neo much as a SECOFF so I can't attest to them being fair or a good leader and so on...
But they are overwhelmingly well-reported upon by the crew, liked by many and generally funny to be around.

I can't support this but it seems like they'd fit.
retri how don't you already have whitelist you nerd

+1 absolutely
Easy +1. I remember my first couple rounds with neo when they actually came to Server 2, and they are capable of keeping their head on straight
Oh I think I forgot to +1 this, Neo is a good security officer and I also was not even aware they weren't already whitelisted.

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