HoS application - Bartimeus973
I've seen you as security enough to get a good idea of how you operate as an officer, and it's great to have you on the security team! You're always reliable, and never go too hard on the antagonists!
+1 from me!
Easy 1+ from me. I've seen you play security as a antag and as a fellow security man. You also don't shoot me immediately and always try to talk it out instead. You also are very considerate of new security officers and go out of your way to teach them the mechanics of this game.
My +1 still stands, but a recent experience with you has left me stewing on something I'd like to comment.

A while ago during a moderately stressful Security round, I had Bee PDA me to drop hints that they were a ling and ask me to come offstation somewhere, You followed me when I said "I need to go somewhere alone to deal with a hostage situation. Please PDA me with any issues."

You came along and insisted on coming for my safety. My judgement was between the benefit of two people's RP and I decided you should be included, so I told you to "Hop in the sub, but keep quiet." When we got there, I basically offered myself up to the ling as a hostage to trade for the captain, purposely not understanding what they meant by saying like... "I need life" or something like that.

When we got there, I parked the sub in front of the window so you could watch. I very much offered myself to the ling and Looc'd for you not to interfere, as when they knocked me out I assumed you immediately started banging on the door to be let in when I was trying to allow the ling a chance to do interesting rp, since they were openly admitting what they were and being generally passive.

When they ate me, I overheard you telling Sec on radio what happened. Fine, but I feared that would happen by letting you come along. No big deal, you can help me later by vouching for me. The ling cried to me about being hungry and lonely and not understanding what was going on in hivemind chat.

I insisted my crew would understand if -I- talked to them. And so I walked in and started dragging my body. Iffy as fuck sure, but the NTSO at the time, Gober along with Wubbo stunned me into submission and shoved me in the portabrig and interrogated me. In interro, I swapped to me and started claiming it was REALLY ME, with someone else, and you flippantly kept insisting I was a monster that should be put down.

I asked you all in LOOC to calm down and please stop stunning and portabrigging me, I really wanted to rp a scene where I explained what happened, and had my team accept this and allow me to go peacefully to CentComm to be researched.

This did not happen. I was called a monster and basically perma-portabrigged for 10~ minutes while begging you, Gofer, and whoever else was there to let me out and work with me a bit. All of this either fell on deaf ears or was completely ignored, I had to go "Ooc: Please read looc!" to get you guys to stop. I don't remember if you told me, but others sure did tell me I could not "Escape repercussions by using looc" and you did nothing to help me, leaving me portabrigged. You were not the main person leading this, but at any time you could have stepped up and said "NTSO, What if that's really our old boss?"

As HoS, you're not going to be some super security that stops the badguys and leads the story. You HAVE to let the antagonists play things out if they're being cordial and using LOOC to communicate with you. You're not RoboCop, you're a director.

I want you to keep this in mind for the future. As HoS on rp people will trust you to have a merciful hand and play with their stories. Help them how you can.

I also want to say - if I didn't know you as being a generally good Security, this would have been an instant reversal to a -1 for me, and I had to think hard about doing so. Violating looc requests on RP, for me, is a huge no, and that whole situation came off as "We gotta win against the antagonist" for me. Again, you were not the main contributor, but you have to speak out against these things, even as security. I did against HoS's/NTSOs multiple times when I was still playing a regular officer.

I know you're the kind of person to take feedback to heart and try to improve, so I didn't, and I know you WILL take this feedback and improve.
+1 from moi, easily, after having encountered Viridis as an antag several times, and being AI watching over him many times, while he played a SecOff or Detective.

I can't say I have any experience on the boots on the ground level with Bart, in Sec, as I do not play it. But from the other side, he really seems ideal for the job to me. He has gone out of his way to interact with me in ways beyond Apply Baton to Dome, sending messages on my escape. Playing the negotiator to the letter. He has been pleasantly attentive, and dedicated to catching me. At the same time, he has acted in ways that hasn't been about being the Big Damned Hero, to the point of going easy on the shooty detective gunfire on chases to let the fun continue. And as a result, my play experiences have been very fun, as an antag.

There was talk earlier in the thread by people worried he'd drive the plot too much as HoS, but given that he seems to drive the plot toward everyone having more fun, all I can say is; Yes, please.

As AI, I've certainly seen him be both supportive of his fellow secoffs, and very attentive in the round. He's certainly one of the people I count on to be least afflicted with that laser-focus or late-round burnout that makes security officers either cryo or disappear into silence and inattention. Those seem like great qualities for an engaged and engaging head of the department.
A shiny +1 from me, having played for quite a number of rounds with you and i can say with confidence that you are up to the task of wearing the Beret, fun to interact and speak to, and overall a great presence on the station.
I'll add a +1 to this.

I have seen a lot of positive sec activity, good on communications and responding to issues that crop up but quite recently when I was antag and RPing it out, Virdis tried to defuse an "execute" mob in sec/command from taking me out of the round.

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