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[MERGED PR] Lowers the space of fanny packs to 5
(05-15-2021, 08:37 PM)THISISANICEGAME Wrote: There are no downsides to taking a fanny pack no matter the job, let the player make choices with consequences so they can feel regret or be happy they made a good choice.

(05-16-2021, 12:00 PM)Tarmunora Wrote: excellent/awful/possibly-unfeasable idea: removing an item from a fanny pack takes a 1-second action bar

Actually....a 1-second actionbar for anything larger than tiny?
That sounds kind of good, 1s to get your box of tools out
I'm for lowering item count. Tourists can get luggage like suitcases dufflebags, or luggage trunks.

Personally, I would like to see even more bag options like larger size backpacks that hold more but can't be easily accessed, or slings/vests that hold gear but take the chest/exosuit/armor slot.
Maybe blacklist boxes from being put into fanny packs. As long as it can still accept boxes it will still be the best belt-slot item in the game.
Really fanny packs need some zipper sound effects.
(05-18-2021, 12:27 AM)kyle2143 Wrote: Really fanny packs need some zipper sound effects.

This 100%
Also two types of fanny packs. Ones with zippers and ones with velcro. Both with their respective noises.
I'm honestly surprised we never had velcro stuff yet considering this is the space 80s. Or at least I think it is. I forget.
I thought it was the early space 70s or late space 60s
So while playing yesterday i found a 5-slot fanny pack and mhelped asking what kind of sorcery produced such an item. I got directed to the changelog. So here i am once again on a PR discussion thread after it got merged.

Personally i don't see why this change was needed or who benefits from it. I can see situations in which it will be a downside to people that were using (not abusing) it.

(05-15-2021, 10:11 PM)Mordent Wrote: My point is that something being powerful is okay but there's nothing wrong with evaluating whether people are abusing/powergaming it a bit and whether it should be reduced in power/limited in some other way.

When i personally make such an evaluation my conclusion (like others before me) is that isn't abused much, if at all. I don't deny that it has potential for powergaming, but in my experience in practice this doesn't actually happen much.

(05-15-2021, 10:11 PM)Mordent Wrote: That there's a finite amount is a good limiting factor. Consider instead that if we made it so that there was a reason to not use it over a belt then we could also potentially make it more of a sidegrade and remove this limitation (allowing for different playstyles/inventory management styles).

I would argue that it being limited in terms of roundstart spawns (and no ability to gain more) makes it rife for powergaming, as people can just rush it at roundstart.

I would argue there already is a reason to use a belt over the pack. I will fully admit that when i first started playing here i did indeed powergame the fanny pack. I´ve played a lot of games where more inventory space is objectively better, so it just made sense to me to take it, if it´s there anyways. However after doing this a while i noticed it often stayed pretty much empty as i didnt need that many slots in most situations, and concluded that the extra slots don't outweigh the extra hassle that comes with having your tools in a box (vs. having them in a belt). Nowadays i will pick a belt over a fanny pack in most situations.

Having the perspective of a fanny-powergamer is also what makes me so confident about it not being powergamed much, since i was pretty much always able to get one, often even when late-joining 20 minutes in.

(05-15-2021, 10:11 PM)Mordent Wrote: My take is that the mindset of "I don't really see people abusing this" as a "common" (last three posters or whatever) perception when combined with "some people think lowering the size would be good for presumably some reason" seems like everyone wins if its capacity gets lowered?

I don't think everyone wins if it gets nerfed, due to the fact that i believe there are multiple situations in which having a "backpack for your belt", or even a backpack + fanny pack, can be fun and helpful without being abuse/powergaming in any way. I personally love using the fanny pack when im a miner, since i often mine on the asteroid z and like being able to visit prefabs (having a box with tools helps, so does having just a bit of extra space to take souvenirs). I believe this basicly applies for any space or adventure zone exploration. Another example that comes to mind is being a spy thief.

I can't really see how this change benefits anyone, or how it will make situations more fair, so i don't believe it will affect the balance much, if at all. 

I think penny summed it up quite nicely:

(05-15-2021, 09:49 PM)penny Wrote: It's fun, that why, it's fun and rare and not abused and we like it.
I don't go around trying to power game fanny packs but when I find one I'm super happy because it's fun!
The reason not to change it is because the change is not fun.
Yeah I still don't see the point in nerfing the fanny pack. If people are abusing it you should talk to the people doing that and not making something less good for everyone.
nerf it and be done with it already, it's a belt slot backpack. very nuts-o good.
Oh hey this was actually merged for some reason?

That's greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
Don't act like inventory space is sparse.

Not really a fan of this change - but not really a big problem either.
Just pack your toolbox items into a small box and everything is fine.
I personally like the change, i always considered belts to be an "alternative" storage accesories/clothing and Fanny Packs were an odd outlier by basically just being Backpacks in your belt slot. Going down from 7 to 5 isn't that big of a deal and puts it more in line with other "alternative" storage accesories/clothing. Besides like someone mentioned earlier, it still fits boxes just fine and allot of what you could put in other belt slots can just be put in a box inside of your fanny pack.

(05-16-2021, 01:56 PM)Frank_Stein Wrote: I'm for lowering item count. Tourists can get luggage like suitcases dufflebags, or luggage trunks.

Personally, I would like to see even more bag options like larger size backpacks that hold more but can't be easily accessed, or slings/vests that hold gear but take the chest/exosuit/armor slot.

I also like this idea allot. Maybe specific storage accesories/clothings like a grenade bandolier that only takes grenade-type items just as an example. Yeah i really like the idea this can probably be tossed around.

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