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[MERGED PR] You can now slot pens and cigarettes into PDAs.
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About the PR
Exactly what the title says. Slap a PDA with a writing utensil, and it'll stash it with a visible overlay on the PDA icon. You can eject them, too, there's a verb for that. Currently, PDAs won't start with pens, some people didn't seem to like that when I asked on Discord. You can also put in cigarettes and blunts. Thank you, Nex.

Special case: When inserting crayons, the overlay will take up the colour of the crayon. Woo! Technology!

My most ardent thanks to Pali for putting up with me through all this.

Why's this needed?
I have a pen.

I have a PDA.


PDA pen!
[Image: 118350467-40b31000-b59a-11eb-9073-c014d7874882.png]


(+)PDAs can now hold pens. And cigarettes. Because it's funny.

Does it fit crayons?
(05-15-2021, 05:26 AM)TheRealFlapJackson Wrote: Does it fit crayons?

I like this PR.
I think antagonist pens should be able to fit. Other than that good pr.
This is such a good thing, especially as an RP nerd who enjoys playing as a pencil-pusher HoP on occasion. As a stupid idea, can we put cigarettes/blunts into the pen slot since it's about the same size? Even if not, this PR is fantastic.
a small idea that is also realistic, I like it
Good PR.

I think it's good it can't take antag pens, tbh.
Changes have been made since. The blacklist is removed, and now there are animated icons when pens/cigarettes are inserted.

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