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Varshie | 5/13/2021 | Sylvester(4)/Morty(3)
Varshie has done a lot of silly yet very fun admin events on Morty and Sylvester recently, but I wanted to highlight a round that was turned from a quiet, slow shift into an unforgettable battle against eight legged fiends!

So, to set the scene, I am a lone Security Officer on Atlas, taking part in a very quiet and slow shift. There has been absolutely no mischief around the ship, and sitting at the desk twiddling my thumbs, a sudden broadcast is played out from the ship's broadcast system. Though none of the crew understand whatever it is saying, it seems panicked and erratic, as if it was someone or something under attack. Then, we are alerted that a ship of unknown origin is bound to crash into the station in five minutes. Instantly, I spring into action! Hauling out Security lockers and unlocking them for the crew to acquire some possibly much needed armor. I ask the AI to open up the armory, as I don't have the access or fellow Security officers to help open it. The AI states that it is unable to hack the door open, so I quickly find the CE instead, asking and receiving the RCD. Without hesitation I break down the Armory wall, quickly handing out all the weaponry and heavy riot armor that I can to trusted crew members. Once enough weaponry was handed out, and I acquired what would be an extremely useful phaser, I decided to simply leave it open, trusting the crew that whatever weaponry that they took from the inside would be used to fight off whatever was on its way.

And then, nothing but deafening silence as me and the crew waited for whatever was about to hit us. As we searched for the potential threat, a broadcast from Command stated that the ship had landed in Virology! With several of the crew in tow, I lead the way into Virology, opening the door to find a completely obliterated Viro wing, littered with giant space spiders! Me and the crew instantly sprang into action, turning the remains of the wing into a battleground as batons, phasers, and shotguns battled against fangs and web! Spider corpses littered the floor, and the crew and I were victorious! But, as I pried open a door to head deeper into the foreign ship, I stood face to face with a giant spider queen that instantly jumped onto me as the crew swung wildly at the formidable foe! The queen was determined to make her last stand a fight to behold, and more spiders began to flood out of the door that I had opened! Back in the fight but heavily wounded, the spiders began to push me and the crew back! Forced into the Medbay maintenance tunnels, I quickly applied some auto-mender magic and headed back into the fray! Spotting the spider queen once again, I charged forward through a group of spider and crew, bonking it on the head with my trusty baton! In just a few hits, the queen was dead! It seemed that the crew had done quite the number on it while I had been out of the fight. Helping the crew clear out the remainder of the spider survivors, it seemed that we had been victorious in what seemed to be the final battle.

But, another broadcast from Command stated that there were still bio signs somewhere within the ship, and four of them to be exact! So, I lead around a hunting party, searching for the remaining spiders. Finding a few stragglers that were quickly wiped out, we were unsure if we had gotten them all. Command reported that there were still bio signs on the station... somewhere. The search party split up to cover more ground, but it seemed that the spiders were either very well hidden, or in plain sight. Suddenly, the CE states that they have found the stragglers, and that they would handle them. Quickly searching around for where the CE could be, they stated that the spiders had taken over the engine room! Quickly heading in with one of the hunters, there were just about as many spiders as there were in the ruined Virology wing! Another battle ensued, with more spiders than crew! The spiders inside of the engine room had been dealt with, but a huge spider had gotten away and was attacking the CE! It was weaker than the queen before, and was felled but just me and a few other crew members.

And then, it really seemed to be the actual end of it, with a broadcast from Command deeming it so. Celebrations were had, the HoS (which had joined just after we had dealt with the last of the spiders) gave me the big boots and a medal of valor for my efforts! But, I was going to have to work in Security until I was 510 years old to pay off the gear I had given away from the armory. While in the bar getting drinks as a celebration of our victory, a crewmember stated that our sole botanist, Fleur, had been captured by the spiders! Quickly sprinting around the station looking for them, I stumbled across the Captain and the HoS at the crash site. In the darkness, quiet ramblings about sisters could be heard. Slowly shining a light onto where the ramblings were coming from, and in the darkness were Fleur, the botanist, and the CE that had been so helpful with opening the armory, Seriema! They were talking about their sisters, and how we had ruined everything. Something was surely wrong with them, and the HoS quietly whispered to get ready for a tag team takedown. Once he gave the word, we sprung into action, taking them both down quickly and efficiently. Everything seemed to be under control, and the shuttle had just arrived. Just when we were about to turn tail and escape, Fleur began to morph, turning into a giant spider queen. Seeing this horrific scene, the crew retreated from what was once their friend! As I ran away from the threat, I shot my phaser back at what was once a good friend... and killed them with only just a few shots of the phaser. Stopping in surprise for just a few moments before heading onto the shuttle, it seemed that Seriema had also morphed into a spider, and had been killed. The shuttle departed, the loss of two friends creating a very solemn, saddening atmosphere. The void seemed to call for the Cap and I... but we spent too much time talking, and we weren't able to make it out of the shuttle doors! A robotic voice called us stinky losers and a mood-lightening trumpet was played to make fun of us. And so ended the boring shift turned spider nightmare!

As it turned out, Fleur had been a traitor and didn't use any of their evil points, so they were made into an event appropriate baddy! 

Thanks to Varshie for this truly incredible round, and thanks to everyone else that helped push the round forward and helped with the combat! 

(and thanks to Nef for this template-y thing!)

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