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the monkey discussion
Today we will talk about monkeys and if crewmember are allowed to immediately attack, rip, and kill them without remorse. I have been ahelped by admins for my continuous rampages on monkeys in the hallways and sometimes....worse. I believe this conversation i had with one holds most of the arguments. The context is me saying questioning if I can radio monkeys being evil gremlins and if its "racist" because SOMEONE brought that up...

-HELP: You: is saying monkeys are demon spawns of hell indicating race?
You feel a bit thirsty!
-HELP: You: ism
-Admin PM from SimianC
No, but weren't you spoke to earlier today about this weird monkey bloodlust?
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Reply PM to-SimianC: i didnt kill any monkeys afterwards, just radioed how muhc i wanted to
-Admin PM from SimianC
Yeah I realize, it's still off-putting. Play a believable character and not a psychopath that wants to harm animals please
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-Reply PM to-SimianC: i dont understand, i thoght i could play an bloodcurling phsycho if i dont actually hurt anyone
-Admin PM from SimianC
Ripped from the rules: Play as a coherent, believable character that you enjoy portraying. Real life realism is not required, and you are allowed to be silly within the context of the SS13 game world. (Clowns, farting on people, people spontaneously combusting and exploding are all non-serious things but yet a vital part of the game world.) At the end of the day, it is very likely your character wants their employment with Nanotrasen to continue. As such, they should act like it. Playing as a violent or otherwise psychologically unstable character is not a valid reason to cause harm to others or damage to the station unless you are an antagonist. Only minor criminal activity is permitted.
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-Reply PM to-SimianC: monkey kiling sure does seem like a staple of the ss13 game world, and it does seem like a minor crime. Is the problem that im not productive of a staffie anough, am i to focues on this monkey bussiness that i, the staffie, is not working hard anough and helping the station? OK fine thank you for showing me the way by saying a staffie wants to ensure his employment with NT stands and he doesnt wanna kill monkeys becuase whe wants his job so much. PLease dont ban me for this though ill definitly stop if it means bussiness

NOW, is this rules-lawyering....probably, wil this have consequences on my reputation as a constantly banned player who should leave.....probably, did i leave out the fact that i somtimes killed entire vendors full of monkeys in genetics and the kitchen.....there might be a point, will i regret making this post.....yes. BUTT, there's a chance I might be able to kill monkeys or atleast play as a monkey hating psycho in a server that doesnt blow up 30 minutes in (why im asking for RP and not Classic) without fear of being kicked..again, if i throw this discussion out. Do you think its acceptable to kill monkeys or condone crazy monkey killers in RP?
Quote:Do you think its acceptable to kill monkeys

Yes, with a reason (e.g. you are the chef and preparing lunch, you are a geneticist and some of the test subjects experience the "side-effects" of your testing, you are harvesting them for organs for spare parts/profit).

Quote:or condone crazy monkey killers in RP?

No, especially when it is a feature of every/most rounds you play in (doing stuff, see monkey, kill monkey, continue doing stuff like it was nothing). If you want to do a gimmick around it (e.g. chaplain using them for ritual sacrifice, coach tussling with them in the ring as a display of strength) then sure, but it should be more involved and actually, you know... interact with other crewmembers?
the whole full force anti-monkey crusade would be more at home on a normal goonstation server than an rp one and even then people might not like seeing you viciously murder monkeys for no discernible reason and hear you endlessly go on about how you want to kill them, other than that you just really really hate them
I've seen multiple chaplains go "MONKEY CRUSADE MUST KILL ALL MONKE" for absolutely no reason at all on RP.
I hate monkeys as much as the next guy but I have better things to do than just attack them for no reason?
Hasn't your 'crusades' resulted in a few player monkeys getting attacked?
This is a bit silly. And RP is about escelation aswell, being averse to monkeys and outspoken about it and perhaps taking further action could be a fun gimmick for a round but if this is just going to be your "thing" then no. In any case much like how actuall antagonists are expected to excelate/create a story, if you REALLY feel like you want to kill monkeys you better make a good story out of it but rather the way i'm reading it just seems like you're trying to satisfy a murderbone.
I've seen someone do the "kill all monkeys" gimmick with decent roleplaying and motivation but making it a thing you do every round doesn't make much sense. No, the crew should not be murdering monkeys for no good reason. Nanotrasen doesn't always hire competent crew but it doesn't make much sense for them to be hiring complete psychopaths (unless you're an antagonist, of course)
is there something wrong with having a "thing" in RP. not just being a monkey killer
RP Rule 5.  Personality quirks are not an excuse to ignore the rules.  The RP server rules require you to play at least an attempt at a believable character.  Many people are finding your character hard to believe. 

The fact that you are not outright physically harming other player characters may fly in a non-rp server, but this is an rp server.  The fact that you are technically acting within the base rules doesnt make it okay to ignore the RP rules.
I was a monkey geneticist when you were doing one of your monkey rampages and I can’t remember if you were an antagonist but you were constantly breaking in to take the monkeys from the vendors to kill and attacked my character at one point maybe in confusion maybe with malice. It was pretty annoying to deal with especially when I need them for the role I picked. I play Test Subject B and i can imagine watching someone needlessly kill multiple monkeys in front of them would be pretty awful and so expect people to not encourage such behaviour
This just looks like an excuse for murderboning at best and straight up antagonizing and even killing monkey players at worst.

Now this isn't real life, and I'm not going to pretend it's real life, but going out of your way to kill monkeys for seemingly no reason will probably be treated with the same respect as if you decided to kill every dog or cat or otherwise helpless animal (personally, I'd be forcing you one way or the other to see a psychiatrist to take care of that clearly unhealthy behavior). Bragging about how you wanna murder the animal doesn't exactly help.

Everyone's gone on a monkey murder spree, often out of self defense. I once went on an animal murder spree as a cyborg to exploit a loophole to "Kill all life on the station" to hint that something was wrong with my laws, and with the crew being armed to the teeth at the time I knew that if I actually did what the antag wanted I would die REALLY fast.

My point is, you're not doing anything interesting for the crew. You're, at worst, telling people you have real life issues that really need to be ironed out. I don't think you do, but this certainly wouldn't be anything interesting to any round I saw.

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