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RP Suggestions for Changelings
More often then not I see people complain about being a changeling and not being able to Roleplay as them!
Saying you have to kill to do something or you can't do anything...
I am like.. REALLY?! The CHANGELING is the worst antagonist to RP?! I would say other antags have it harder then the changeling has.

Eitherway I am here to teach you how verstile the changeling is with advice and topic ideas and gimmicks.

1st up: Can the changeling do any RP without devouring anything?
I bet you will say no.. BUT GUESS WHAT! The base kit of the changeling is perfect for RP.
Especially the voice changer ability with a Civilian headset. The only problem with that abillity you cannot always chose to sound like a captain or such. That's random.
Be creative with your non kill abillities.
Use Acid Spit to get rid of all hats as a HAT HATER!
Use the LSD injections to make people believe medbay is serving them drugs.
Anything is possible.

But what if you want those DNA abillities without killing someone?
Well go to the Space Diner. There are NPC's there you can kill and devour for DNA. This way you already have a surpluss of DNA for your trickery.
Or simply ask for a corpse of a newly cloned person before throwing them into the reclaimer. Cause you know.. "Autopsy reports?"
These are litterly ways to get DNA without devouring a fellow player and getting them stuck in your hivemind. People die on shifts all the time, so finding a body isn't too hard. If you just eat a corpse as a changeling... It's not killing them.. it's making use of the biomatter!

Alright, now you got some ideas for "evil" or to get more DNA without resulting into, drug, choke, devour... What can you do as a changeling as a role?
Well here's some topics I know you can run with.

1: Bioweapon.
 You aren't an alien or mutagenic organism who escaped. You been put there with a purpose. Was it NT? The Syndicate? Some other organsation? Some Scientist who deployed you for testing? Who knows. You can be good, evil or more. You do not have to kill or.. you can kill because you are a biological weapon. Think resident evil nemesis stuff. You can hunt 1 target.. or you can do my favorite: "Detective bioweapon" (if you roll this) 
This way you will hunt anyone who does a crime. You litter?! YOU WILL BE SUBJECTATED TO HALLUCINATIONS OF NATURE ATTACKING YOU! You jaywalked?! How dare you!! You pull a prank injuring people?! You are a risk to the station and must be devouvered! You keep being drunk?! BE A MODEL CITIZEN! LIKE ME!

Either way you are creative and on a mission. Not "I am hungry monster" Gather information, get control of the station, set the silicons free from their masters. The choice is yours. Remember you do not have to kill.

2: Pathogen Carrier.
Remember I said get DNA from the Space Diner? Well with this you can spread a "pathogen" sorta speak. I don't mean like you make diseases but more like.. you use your abillity to force people's DNA to change into someone, but now spread it of one person. Is it your owns? The Clown? Shitty Bill? Have fun with it.
Make security dread coming near your infected army of altered humans! You might want to devour some players over time to get more DNA, but as long as you have them prescanned and cloned in their altered state, you have infinite DNA to infect the station! I think a few infected would play ball to this.

3: Medical Wonder.
You clearly rolled Changeling and a medical role. So what do you do? Well you are now the perfect doctor. You can take injuries and heal them off. You can calm people down with LSD hallucinegenics. You can use your capul as a perfect anestetic for surgery. YOU ARE THE MUTANT DOC! PEOPLE WILL LOVE YOU!
Also being in this role means you can preform your "Autopsy" reports and drain their fluids for more DNA.
Someone thinks they look ugly? Give them another look! Plastic surgery done right there! Your fame is the limit as a good boy changeling!

People should worship you! As if they don't... you will smite them with your holy powers! This is mostly reserved for Chaplain Changelings, but you can preform it as any changeling. Base abillities here is enough to get around. LSD to give people nightmares and visions of the future or make them regret crossing your path.
Use Capul to knock out sinners! Use your voice changer in public to sound like a POWERFULL BEING!!! You are the Messiah! PEOPLE SHOULD FOLLOW YOUR LEAD!

5: Missunderstood alien.
You are an alien in human form. You can collect DNA to understand more, but... you just want to live with these primitive/evoluved beings. How do you do it? Are you skitish? A jerk? Do you use your abillities to shake off those who scare or feel threatened by? Do you understand what Job you just got on the station? This is how you form a changeling who isn't exaclty evil, but can cause issues during shifts. Not too extreme, but enough to give security problems with you.

6: The Carrier of the Hive.
You without knowing, are infact a monster that hungers flesh. You do not know this at all... you wake up next to corpses, you don't remember doing anytihng bad.. there is.. another inside your body.. using it for their own hunger. You aren't sure what's the truth. Scared.. alone... A puppet of a vile being.

7: The Classic
This is the psychological horror Changeling as it's ment to be. This one will kill you.. by luring you to fix something, or to do something alone with them. You will kill, murder and devouver and assume new forms or even change your victims forms to throw their scent off. Replace and move on. Make noise when attack and so much more.. then.. eventually.. UNLEASH THE BEAST FOR MORE DAMAGE!

8: The Supplied Experiment.
Similiar to the Bioweapon. This one is for science only. You are a mutant sent in secret for science to study. Science pretty much decides most of your actions. Think like being a test monkey but as a changeling. Sure you won't kill... Sure... it's not much. But the moment science goofs up. The moment you break free and do things. WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?! ITS JUST LIKE THOSE REPORTS OF A MUTAGENIC ORGANISM ESCAPING!!!

This one is the envious one. You will bicker and argue with someone about a position, till you snap and take them out to replace them... horribly. Stuck being an eingeer with grandeurism? Pretend to get a science potion and kill the Chief Engineer, taking their DNA and idenity. If they get cloned it's even better. Cause now you can play IMPOSTER and pretend to know nothing. Or that it's an error of the cloner. You just wanted this job over your shitty old one!

So... i hope this helps you abit if you become a changeling on RP. As you can see 9 options alone can be fun, but there are alot more ways to go with.
Just be creative with the beast. NO ONE HAS TO DIE FOR YOUR ACTIONS! And if you do.. be creative!

Have fun changelinging and don't worry... Security will always try to cuff your foolish butt!
I mimicked people over general communications, and I just passed it off as doing a really good impression. People believed me but were also creeped out.
Another roleplay idea is similar to the carrier of the hive gimmick, except you're going insane. You hear strange voices in your head, they want food! Sometimes you see a corpse laying on the ground and there is an irresistible urge to feast... Maybe it isn't just corpses, but you feel so hungry that you want to eat them. But no! That's the voices speaking again.

But sometimes, the voices might speak with your own mouth be it your voice or another.

These are some cool roleplay ideas for the changeling, so much you can do! Definitely a preferred role to roleplay over something like a vampire.
One gimmick I've considered doing as a ling on main that might be suited for RP is, upon eating someone, dress up in their clothes, transform into them, and then give them control and tell them "Continue on with your life as usual.  You have no memory of what happened.  If you find yourself alone in a room with someone, the hunger will return and the cycle will repeat."
I play mostly at night due to scheduling issues so playing a ling is very hard because no one wants to be eaten at night when the server is too low pop and the round usually last the whole 2 hours. So instead my go-to is 'human experimentation gimmick'. Where you view humanity as guinea pigs and try to abduct them and replace their limbs with changeling limbs then stalk them taking notes on their interactions.

It's surprisingly fun acting like a mad scientist.

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