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[MERGED PR] Cloners no longer give people health implants
(05-13-2021, 12:17 PM)Oremir Wrote: I like this update, only difference in playstyle i can imagine is that me or another doctor just has to keep some Health Implants ready in their backpack or near the cloner. In any case i aprove of a seperate cloning and health implant.

HOWEVER A QUESTION : Wich implant will give the Prodoc Heads-Up display the little cross (+) at the overhead heart/health display? I feel like, if it doesn't already, it'd have to be one or the other as if it's both it'll leave you guessing wich implant they have and havn't got.

EDIT: either that or give the cross (+) various colour indicators deppending on if they have one, the other, or both? Just spitballing.

In Pali6's recent update there are now two symbols. One gives a green dot and the other a red dot. You see both dots if the person has both.
Yep yep, green one is cloner because cloning equipment is green while health implant keeps its red color.

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