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[MERGED PR] Plague touch big buff
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About the PR
Plague touch now does more damage, more often, costs less, is unlocked earlier and has a lower cooldown
Why's this needed?
Grave touch is a very underwhelming ability, it giving people a disease that is at it's worst annoying simply won't do, vampire is also a very weak antag.

(*)The vampire ability, plague touch has gotten a big buff, it has a lower cooldown(60), you need less blood to unlock it(900), it costs less(30) and it also is way more lethal

Since when are vampires a very weak antag? They are the only antag with the inate ability to shrug off taser and stun baton stuns.

Which is like the go-to tool for eliminating ANY threat.

If you are a monster at playing a hard-mode traitor...then you are the beast at playing vampire.
Well even if vamps aren't weak the plague touch is pretty shitty. I like this improvement to it.
I have been thinking about raising it's blood cost to something like 100 and lowering it's cooldown a little. To make it an ability you have to follow up on as you will probably be drinking blood off of the person you use it on.

Also been thinking about making the disease cause slowdown on people on all of it's 3 stages(it only does this on it's 3rd stage currently) and lowering the damage a little. So it is harder to run away after it gets used on you. What do yall think of this?

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