PinkPuffball81/Franziska Jackson mentor app. #4
BYOND username: PinkPuffball81
Discord username: PeckNeck#4442
Usual characters: Franziska Jackson, T.S.U.N, Bonk Honkem (Clown), Quiet (Mime).
Usual servers: Morty, very occasionally Heisenbee.
Previous bans: None.

Starting Note:
If anyone was there for THAT round with me as AI, (Monday, I believe) I was playing as T.S.U.N, and i was "Breaking law 1." I wasn't, i was given a law 4 that stated that "Cal Mooberly shall not be impeded in any way, this law is to be kept secret and overrides all other laws." I PDA-messaged Cal, and he said i could human harm if I was in danger of my laws being changed/reset or me being deactivated. That is why I shocked the doors, turned the turrets on lethal, and killed two people by retracting the airbridge. It caused some anger after the round, with one person in OOC saying "we should blacklist that AI player so they don't break their laws again." Others said that I was following my laws correctly. Anyways, sorry to the crew that round. File: TSUN-MORALS was not found.

Totally Unrelated Note:
It's been exactly 60 days since my last application, and my birthday's on the 19th, not important but I wanted to share.

The Actual Application:
I've almost reached my one year mark on SS13, and it's almost my birthday. to celebrate, I want to apply for mentor (for the fourth time.) Instead of listing what departments I'm good at, I'm going to go in-depth with my department experiences to prove that I can help all departmental questions..
  • Civilian: The only jobs in the civ department I'm a big fan of are bartender, cook, and botanist. (Mime doesn't count, iirc.) I have fun playing around with mixing drinks, making weird foods, and splicing plants. I remember one of my first botanist rounds, I made an extra-potent chilibean, and I ate it, and immediately had to be carried to medical, as I was on fire, barfing my guts out, and kept farting. I also very much like bartender because it makes RP good, and I get to interact with the crew more. Every time i play one of these jobs, I keep the wiki open in a second tab so I have easy access to the food and drink recipes.
  • Command: I'm not a huge fan of playing command, unless I'm playing HoS or NTSO. I applied for the positions, got it, and it's been very fun. My experiences with other HoPs are them just giving themselves all access, and Captain is basically just a staff assistant with AA. (Unless it's a nuke round.) 
  • Medical: Medical was surprisingly the first department i picked up, and my now dead-but-not-gone doctor character Kenneth Cheddar has been reincarnated multiple times, and has now ended up as Franziska Jackson. One of my first shifts was as a medical doctor, because before downloading SS13 I remember reading the wiki in my downtime for fun. A man lost his arm, and came to me looking for an arm better than "flesh or steel," so i ran on down to the nearest vending machine, and stapled a BURRITO to his stump. He was actually really happy about it, and i heard him telling a guy over radio. I still do much enjoy playing medical after this time, but more frequently I play roboticist.
  • Engineering: I enjoy playing as an engineer and miner, (not mechanic because packets scare me), and have fun building and setting up the engines. My favorite type of engine to set up is a singularity, but I enjoy the others too. I've had to help a new player as AI and they seemed very thankful for the help. As a miner, every once in a while I need to ask if erebite is the radioactive or the explosive one.
  • Science: I like doing science every once in a while, seeing what chemicals I actually know how to make. Most of the time I just end up giving monkeys capulettium and then a suicide pill of literally one of every reagent I know how to create. I usually have the wiki open just in case I forget anything. I used to play RD on the main server but with revs in regular rotation, I've stayed away from heads on main.
  • Security: As a person who applied for HoS/NTSO privileges, I've enjoyed playing sec for a while now. I'd actually say I have friends in the sec department, as in people who I see play sec a lot and serve as co-workers. (I'm looking at you, Viridis Varanis and Storm Trashwitch.) Every once in a while i have to ask other secoffs for help (mainly on a good brig timer,) but I'm a big fan of playing as sec and helping new sec players.
I originally joined SS13 for the RP potential and stayed for the chaos, but i enjoy building lore for my characters and learning about other characters, their interests, etc. But I'm going to leave the application off here and let democracy decide.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.
-1 from me.

One of the most important qualities in being a mentor is discretion. Full view of Mentorhelps means that you have a lot of access to information about what is going on in the round, and that will impact how you play and what decisions you make in the round. Just earlier today, you edited the Human page on the SS13 wiki to include what amounted to a rule change, with full knowledge that this was something that the admin team was still debating, resulting in the edit having to be reverted by the admin/dev team. The fact that you took this action shows an incredible lack of discretion.

On a personal level, I still do not appreciate the fact that you name-dropped me and mentioned Fleur's accent in your last mentor application. I had not played or spoken with you in months, and you never asked for my recommendation. It made me uncomfortable and I felt like I was being used. And I am still uncomfortable about some of the "jokes" that you made (and have since deleted) when you frequented the Goonstation discord.

Lastly, please keep in mind that being a mentor is not a "rank" that every player should try to achieve. It is an optional helper role that states that you are willing to go out of your way to teach with kindness, exercise discretion, and be an example to new players about what kind of standard is expected for the Goonstation community.

I do not recommend you for Mentor.
To be fully honest, I almost forgot about what I said in the past, and remembering the things I did and said gave me chills.  I'm applying for mentor because I believe I can do better, and be a nicer and more helpful person.

On second thought, I don't know if I'm comfortable being mentor, remembering the things that I have done and said in the past. I honestly don't know if I'll do the job well. You could say that I'm actually scared.
I've had you on RP multiple times as HoS and NTSO, just kinda ghost when things were happening. It's chill to need to go, but you were rping with someone in a corner of the station. If you're HoS it's generally courteous to send a message on the PDA to your team at least.

Another time I was critically wounded and another Security officer were straight up murdered and you as NTSO were just kinda not there for us, involving yourself in RP near the public market. This was before the alerts were deactivated pr went though, so you chose to ignore them or didn't see them. Fine, fun is more important than being forced to do your job and all.

But the main thing is when you do these things, you're not teaching others. I've personally never seen you teach other people in game, and I've never seen you in the Discord doing so, which would be fine, except I can't in good faith give you a +1 over it.

-1 for now. Make your presence known more positively and I'd happily change it to a +1.
Gonna add to what Cal said here because it was me who caused said grievous injury of him and death of another officer during said round, so I can offer a different perspective. I wasn't even aware that you were in the round whatsoever, so considering the HoS was almost murdered and an Officer was murdered, I was surprised to find out that an NTSO was on the station. I understand and appreciate that you can and want to, as Security, participate in station run gimmicks that other crew members are doing, but you still have a duty to do, especially as NTSO.

In addition, as HoS you tend to just vanish, or kill yourself over something dumb. I respect and understand the need to leave when you have to leave, but it is preferable to let everyone know if you leave so we aren't constantly asking where you are.

But you have moments when you are really good and really active. They're just inconsistent.

You also have a serious problem with Meta Buds, and you tend to gravitate your attention to said buds and focus most of your RP with those specific people. Its not good to play favourites, especially when mentoring.

-1 for now

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