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Port-a-bible and other Chaplain ideas
Chaplain should have a religious themed port-a-chapel. It could summon bible, coffin, maybe even little vials of holy water.
I think that improving Chap's healing would be fun, maybe by purging toxins as per hypospray, and/or healing tox. 
Chaplain should start with maint and tool storage access as well/
Eh, kinda weird. Just walk over and grab your things.

Would also make them much stronger against vamps/wiz
i like the port-a-coffin, even removing all of the other aspects of 'port-a-chapel', being able to teleport a box to toss a corpse in would be very convenient - and useless against vampires.(but very useful for vampires, giving them a reason to fight the chaplain). Could even come with formaldehyde injectors built in so you can toss a corpse in and preserve it for the funeral(or more likely, cloning). Maybe make it so it can only teleport to the station morgue(both of them, for stations that have two), and prevent it from teleporting if there's other non-corpse items or a living person in it(unless emagged, maybe?) - some kind of safety lock that also prevents it from just being a corpse shaped port-a-sci.
Another chaplain idea: Can we get bible reskins for different religions? I'm sick of my chaplain praising the flockmind and then having a book of space jesus.

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