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CosmCosmos banned by zamujasa
Who banned you?: zamujasa
Byond Key: CosmoCosmos
Discord Username: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ#2646
Date of Ban: a little over a month before now
Specified Reason for Ban: SAY: yes, I made your mother cum (109,86,1 in Security) --
Ban Length: permanent
What led to the ban?: I was killed by a vampire and later got into an escalating argument
Why am I appealing?: Since I’ve stopped playing, I’ve felt terrible about the whole situation that led to me getting banned.  I’m sorry for breaking the rules and, even more, I’m sorry for the trouble I caused to the people who saw it and to the player of whom I said those nasty things about.  I have reviewed the rules and would like to play in a way so I could make right what I’ve done wrong and continue playing the game for its own sake.  If I am appealed and can play the game, I will say no such thing again and work on improving my relationship with the server and its members
Which rule did you break?: General 4 and Roleplay 12
Evasion Attempts: I created an alternate account the day of the ban

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