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[MERGED PR] feature: apply sonic stun from flashbang to deaf mobs
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About the PR

if the mob is deaf and is not wearing the auditory headset
we should still apply the sonic stun to them.

this does not affect users wearing earplugs or earmuffs because of space magic

Testing Done

- [x] Deaf Trait with Auditory Headset in - treats you like you aren't deaf
- [x] Deaf Trait without auditory headset - treats you like you're deaf
- [x] Deaf Trait with earplugs in - completely immune to the flashbang
- [x] Temporary Deafness without Earplugs - treats you like you're deaf, doesn't further damage ears
- [x] No Deaf Trait without Auditory Headset - treats you like you're not deaf, damages ears
- [x] No Deaf Trait without Auditory Headset - treats you like you're not deaf, damages ears
- [x] No Deaf Trait with earplugs in - completely immune to flashbang

Why's this needed?

balance: it's become a bit of a "thing" on the main servers to run with the deaf trait. it's a +1 trait point.
however, if you pair it with sechuds, when you go up against any security force, you pop out the
auditory headset and voila, completely immune to flashbangs. Same immunity when you're going
against vampires or shamblers.

even without hearing, sonic blasts affect those that are unable to hear in various ways in "reality", so
I don't think this is too out there for the RP servers


(*)Apply sonic stun to deaf mobs even without auditory headset - such as the shambler scream, vampire screech, and flashbangs.

From PR discussion

Quote:Hm. I feel like being deaf should probably provide _some_ resistance to sonic attacks (somewhere in the range of 20-50% ear disorient resist?),

If that's the case, it's still a no-brainer to pick deaf - a zero-effort upgrade of combat efficacy while making them non-communicative to everyone around them, which is a net negative for everyone else playing. I'm not a huge fan of a completely silent valid-hunting machine or completely silent antagonist.

This means that the vampire screech that should knock them down close range would not, per testing on a local server. Same with flashbangs. It does do some slight disorient, but actually applied more to me throwing it than it did them.
if deaf just becomes an "RP" trait with no combat benefit, how is that still not a net-negative for those around them? There's lots of traits that make communication incomprehensible(half of the accent traits do this).
(i still like this change, just thought it was an interesting point to argue - the current state is not ideal)
Weird PR. I mean they are deaf and if the sonic grenades ONLY emit sound then they shouldnt be affected. If the sonic grenade had like a shock wave that stuns someone then it would make more sense BUT we already have flash bangs for that.
Sonic grenades are unique because they ONLY emit a super loud sound that busts glass and deafens people and stuns those that hear it. Deaf people can't hear sonic grenades so yeah they shouldnt be affected by sonic grenades at all.
If we want to talk realism, something so LOUD (not resonant frequency) with the power to bust glass windows would have enough force to feel like a kick in the chest, wouldn't it?

But this isn't entirely a realism change. Instead, it's a response to the deaf trait being a combat "upgrade".

Deaf and welding helmet, you're completely immune to flashbangs.

This is not great from a gameplay perspective, as it makes the deaf trait a must-have for combat, granting a trait point at the same time. This really doesn't seem like the intent of the trait. It feels like it's supposed to be a character flavor aspect rather than a combat upgrade.

Not great from a "realism" perspective, either. The concussive force that makes the *bang* will still disorient someone that is completely deaf. I'm truly less worried about this aspect, myself, as it's a chemical that HOOTs at you.
I think this is solving a problem that doesnt really exist, or is atleast being magnified. The 3 things this is for, are, Flashbangs, Vampires, and Shamblers. I'll start with flashbangs. Not many people use them, nor have access to them. Only in about 1/15 rounds on average will I encounter a flashbang. Yea, its nice to be able to just pop the headset out and ignore it, but if someones chucking flashbangs, chances are theyll have other ways of taking you down too. (Also just a note, a direct hit from a flashbang from a riot launcher does good damage and implants you with shrapnel). One of the things about deaf is that you lose access to alot of communication, at the cost of being deaf. As mentioned, flashbangs dont break windows, like the vampire screech. The only time deaf is "useful", is when your trying to murder everyone. It just makes it so theres one less thing you have to worry about, one of securities utility items. However you still have a much bigger threat, tasers and stun batons. Theres another counter to flashbangs, and thats hearing them prime it and running away. Deaf really isnt that much of an advantage unless your an antag planning on killing everyone, and even then the advantage is minimal. you lose out on the opportunities for teammates, and warnings from radio at the cost of maybe being able to walk off a flashbang.

As for vampires, when your hunting a vampire with the deaf trait, vampires are SLIPPERY. Nobody hunting a vampire is going to take their headset out. You lose access to comms and basic talking to other people. When your vamp hunting, communication is super important, as they can coffin escape, cloak, or bat form away at any moment, leaving you not knowing where it is. Ive hunted many vampires with deaf, but ive never taken my headset out and used it. Also, if the vamp does catch you and stun you, you dont have your headset so you cant call for help.

As for shamblers, theyre basically a tank. yea, someone MIGHT take off their deaf headset to fight one, but really, if your fighting a shambler you're doing it wrong. Getting aggressive with a shambler is bad. your best bet is to keep your distance and hope it runs out of DNA. Realistically deaf wont have much of an impact on a shambler fight.

All in all, atleast in my opinion that I hope ive layed out nicely, deaf is still a hinderance, only useful rarely at times when your murdering everyone as an antag, but lets be real, how many people can do that?

I should also mention the permanent downsides to using deaf, since I listed the upside up top.
A recap of the downsides to deaf:
Unable to access any frequency other then general
Lose out on your job picture being on the radio, (Chain of command issues), as you appear civ.
When you get cloned, you cant hear anything untill you come across another deaf headset.

I will also note for the syndie sonic grenades, this is a good change. As of now theyre super garbage, as when you use one, it makes the rest of your box useless, because theyre deaf. So I like the change regarding the sonic nades.
pr is good. deaf has downsides but they all revolve around communication. the main way Deaf trait is used is to gain immunity to security-issue flashbangs, commonly by a solo antagonist who's trying to do rampage stuff. if they only care about killing people, not being able to communicate isn't much of a downside at all. that communication downside only harms the crew - preventing them from being able to negotiate, provoke, or otherwise talk to their silent killer.

also opposed to half-measures like giving deaf people partial defense against flashbangs. if it's better for combat it'll keep getting used in the same way.
Some experimentation I've been doing:

I have been running a deaf secoff for a few days on main 1. I carry the sec headset in my pocket, thus I can pretty easily communication with other sec members with some extra work. Generally when things are nuts nobody is communicating anyway. Stopping to type is not done. It's almost nice, helps to focus? A place of zen.

Being deaf means I can run in holding two flashbangs, they go off in my hands. I am completely unphased and everyone around me gets the baton. This feels really broken.

In practice, vampires never seem to use screech. It's happened once, but continuing to stand after the rest of the secoffs fell was nice. All the other secoffs were taken out. Not a great scenario for them, but I survived? Definitely a plus. Even better, when I ran off I wasn't deaf when I popped in the auditory headset, so I could right away communicate what was going on.

Shambler shout is really only used on the shuttle, when things are nuts anyway. Not an improvement there, but not being able to clearly communicate at that time isn't a big issue.
Id just like to say, ew, deaf as sec? thats worse then powergaming as sec, but regardless, mbc said it perfectly. Im a bit biased toward deaf, i run it alot.

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