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Skegal banned by grifflez
Who banned you?: - grifflez
Byond Key: - Skegal
Discord Username: - Skegal#2914
Date of Ban: - 28/04/2021 if im not wrong
Specified Reason for Ban: - As a clown, lubed up corridors so people would slip into a crusher/out an open airlock into the cold unfeeling void of space. Take a break.
Ban Length: - 7 days
What led to the ban?: - Lubing and opening the escape airlocks on cog1
Why am I appealing?: - I dont appeal to be unbanned or shorten the ban, i think its a fair ban, i appeal for the reason, that is not totally correct, i indeed lubed at the beginning of escape with open airlocks so they go in space get to the cog1 catwalk and come back to the escape, but i didnt lubed for going in crusher or next to crushers at any moment, and didnt had to explain myself to the admin (dont know if he bwoinked me i was observer during the next round and got afk, came back and got banned) so if i do some mistakes in case they check at previous bans like other servers i want it to be the true reason, not the reason + things i didnt do.
Which rule did you break?: i think it go with the first rule, greifing
Evasion Attempts: - I didnt.

Thanks for reading.
Fair enough, I will update your ban to reflect only the lubing out an open airlock. Be more careful with space lube in the future, as people were still spaced.
thanks, will do :>

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