Mentor Application (Endless_Misery)
Usual character name: Mark Fletcher
BYOND username: Endless_Misery
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Neko_Lover#6498 (I sometimes jump in and out of the discord though)
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Goon2 Strictly; I experience heavy lag on Goon1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

The reason that I want to apply for mentor is because
I love helping people. When we get a new person on goon2, I love showing them the ropes and walking them through the things that they want to learn. It's a great feeling to have someone ask you how to do something and then for you to teach them how to do it. In a way you become a beacon of light in a clown filled station flooded with honks and screams of AI rogue. Sitting there helping someone for example understanding door hacking is a good feeling. For example the other day we completed sol on goon2 and I was giving out tips to the newbies we had for the upcoming disaster round (crowbars, sticking together, etc etc)

Game Experience:


I started off with medical. Roboticist was my very first job, and the longer I've pushed myself to play jobs like medical director I've noticed the better I get at saving someone's life. Sure I might not save every single person, but I'm gonna try like hell to save you if I see you suffocating on the side of the hallway. I offer to help people do surgery often as either a mediborg or a regular medical staff. I also tend to go out of my way to health implant my co-workers so that when they become a lings snack 20 minutes later I can alert the crew that someone died


I don't frankly have that much practice in engineering. I know about working with RCD's, how to build stuff with raw materials, and how to start a basic charburn (which other users had to teach me because following the wiki caused the engine to blow up). I tend to play mechanic when it comes to playing engineering so I can scan everything in sight for backups. I might not be a top player in the engineering department, but I can certainly carry my weight enough to not be a burden


I have decent game experience with security, but due to goon2 generally being more lax in behavior (There's not often rampant antags tearing the station apart) I haven't had much practice being robust and placing hands on. However I do know enough not to use harm intent with my stun baton, and I believe this lack of rampaging has let me learn to be mellow with the crew and engage in conversation with even suspected antags. I avoid stunning a suspect unless they attempt to flee or they attempt to attack me, and I constantly read up on the wiki pages in order to become better in the times that I don't have heated action (except on nuclear operative rounds but thats solely because there's not much escalation to be done


Ah yes, The science wing. I've spent a lot of consistent time working in the science lab due to the sheer amount of work you can do in the lab. You can work on artifacts (which is goddamn amazing at times), Work on making chemicals and putting them to a good use (One of my favorite is when I sprayed the halls down in colorful reagent in a flame thrower), you can work on telescience and explore A-Zones, or work on plasma making bombs. Out of all these, I tend to play with the guardbuddies a lot as RD because they're cute little boxes when they aren't set on purge mode. I heavily enjoy playing RD because of his responsibility of handling the mainframe

Head Staff:

I like playing all the Heads of Staff almost equally, because each time you will end up drinking at the bar away from your job learn to do a new job better and you learn leadership. Being the Medical Director during a rev round and being the unifying member of your team as you battle the revs, constantly struggling I learned how useful MD is. They can implant people from a distance, have a tranq gun to deal with a number of threats, mutadone darts to control his own department should they get out of control, and of course the lovable heisenbee. The fact that medical has a chemical dispenser means that even if everyone in your department is performing optimally and there's no injured people, you can fabricate a bunch of meds for people and hand them out.


I know this isn't an official department, but who DOESN'T love being an antag! I've learned skills like maintaining a character, interacting with the crew instead of being a lone wolf (that becomes super obvious after 2 kills), blending in. One strategy I love doing is to change my fingerprint in the security records to throw people off. I've played a couple rounds of nuclear operatives and I know that teamwork is essential; even if its just a simple "we build tables then set off nuke", it goes a long way. A lot of skills involving the previous departments very commonly apply to antagonists. For example, a medical director "forgetting" to scan people before tossing them into a pile of scanned bodies before they're loaded into the reclaimer. 

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

Thank you for your time! Sorry if It seems I half commited to a format and then failed to commit fully; I just didn't want to repeat myself
With no experience with you ingame, your application comes off in both a positive and fun light, and you seem genuinely interested in bettering the Goon 2 community and the players on it. That's commendable in itself, and I hope you continue to be a positive presence there.

I'm unable to really weigh in with a +/-, but on the merits of you application alone you seem to be aligned with that of the community.
Very cool person, and very helpful. Goon 2 is a fairly low pop server, and when I'm on I basically never see a mentor, so having a more consistent one is always nice. +1
A regular of Goon2 being a mentor would be great for the server, although I have lesser experience with you than others, I do trust in your recent gameplay as AI and such. With Goon2 being a sort of stop for new players to learn how to do things, a mentor would be great. However due to me not really seeing you in action other than being AI, I can't really give a ding, but for sure can't give a -.
Hey, we really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to lack of community feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be August 26.

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