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Mentor Application - Red Roberts / Stinko The Clown
Usual character name: Red Roberts
BYOND username: data_err0r
Discord username (if you are on our discord): DreadPirateRed#1632
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: Sylvester and Morty

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

I’ve been part of the goonstation community since late summer 2020, and it’s the only community I’ve ever felt I fit in with on space station 13. It’s a very welcoming, friendly and supportive community and I hope I can give back by joining as a mentor to help teach and guide new players in a more official manner.

I originally tried to get into ss13 several years ago, and tried on and off once or twice a year since then but never felt comfortable in the type of communities I saw on other servers. Last summer I found Goon, and specifically goonrp and the game finally clicked for me. It is now one of my favorite gaming experiences I’ve ever had. I’d love to be able to give back to this great community by helping out.  I greatly enjoy seeing new players joining and becoming regulars, and I’ve been trying to make efforts to help teach new players the game, and RP culture / style in general when I see them. One of my favorite recent memories was “adopting” a sec assistant as my junior detective, putting them in full detective gear and showing them the ropes (Mostly how to get drunk and stumble into stolen torpedo’s accidentally)

I have a decent amount of experience in all roles except chemistry and engineering. I would consider my knowledge of general mechanics very strong, and hopefully people would agree I have a good grasp on RP. I’m confident in most roles at this point outside those two departments. I’d say my most experience would be in security, followed by civilian roles like clown, janitorial and bartending, closely followed by my recent preference for command roles, specifically HoP and Captain. With room for growth in science and not much knowledge in any of the engineering roles.  I also tried to play more AI in the last few months to learn the role, and feel I have a pretty solid grasp on the mechanics and expectations there as well. I also feel I have a good grasp on antag role mechanics, and the expectations of the behaviour of antag roles on the RP servers

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
Easy +1, always kind, good clown, good officer, good AI.

One moment that sticks with me is when I got back to playing on my named character again after a while and I was in Robotics on Donut 3; Data was playing Red as an officer and heard of a bar back behind the RoboLab. We talked for a few minutes then visited the bar before he had to run off to a call. I felt sort of bad for months whenever I tried to play my primary character but that moment kind of turned it around for me.

Just as the Goon community is a goof fit for Data, like they mention in their app, Data is also a good fit for the Goon community. I'm confident they'd make a knowledgeable and compassionate mentor.

goof fit, but also a good fit!
Roberts is always helpful and kind. They were one of the first people to give me a chance when I had a rough start on the server, and they've tagged along and provided me company during shifts that would have otherwise been boring, they seem to definitely have the patience and kindness needed to be a good mentor.

They are absolutely qualified to be a mentor, in my opinion. +1
+1 from me. Always a good sec officer.
I've only ever had positive experiences with Data as both a player and with their characters. Definitely knows their stuff, is always kind to players both new and old, and willing to RP with anyone. Great roleplayer in general. Awesome at both clown and secoff from my experiences ingame with them. I can see them being a great mentor, +1, absolutely. :)
Nothing but positive experiences with them, both as Stinko, Red, or on Discord. They come off as approachable and fun, escalate properly, and has taken an active role in training others in Security and Janitor when working there.

They do a good job representing the community and I have no doubt they would be a pleasant person to interact with in mhelps and the like.

Red is one of those folks who feels like they've been around forever, and has a calm, pleasant, helpful, and friendly demeanor. They would make a great Mentor!

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