Mentor Application: coolcrow420 (niko balthazar)
Usual character name: Niko Balthazar
BYOND username: coolcrow420
Discord username (if you are on our discord): snugcrow#0420
Goon servers you play: RP (3+4)

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Will concede: I have only modest experience with the games more obtuse mechanics. Mostly do RP and terminal usage. What I have in spades is enthusiasm and ability to workshop bits. In my six or seven months of experience on goon, I have done a multitude of RP bits and have generally been well recieved. I wish to assist people with RP junk with kindness and patience. I am incapable of rudeness in a when in a commitment to help others because 5-7 years of customer service has killed that part of my brain. I am generally good at gauging what is actively shitty as a bit and what is decent. I love you like the moon and stars.

In general, and not to toot my own horn, I've always been very conscious of my comedy/doing characters in an abstract way. I'd like to think that (through the medium of text) I am competent at improv. I'm always eager to assist workshopping bits. With regards to the professionalism expected, I'm fairly polite. I try not to cause any ruckus in social settings. I think as far as representing goon through mentorship, this'll help! On the topic of what I'm decent at, I am fairly competent at finding an interesting and fun way to play a job. Stuff like "Secretary Security assistant" or "Cryptopharmacologist" (latter would be a bit to explain. This is mostly due to lots of years doing DnD and yes-and-ing with the pals. I'm always eager to say "no stupid questions" and help out a new player in trouble. I've had rough experiences with uninviting game communities in the past and I'm happy to be welcoming somewhat out of spite of those communities! While my knowledge beyond basic stuff is limited, I do think I can be a positive and kind person that can show a new player the ropes. Heck, a lot of what I've done thus far is mostly figuring stuff out and "support" type roles (easing players being a bit rowdy into a less fun-disruptive but equally funny bit as psychiatrist, providing periodic shift reports as security assistant to help latejoining officers get up to speed, volunteering to help medically in adventure zone). I just like helping facilitate fun, y'know? In closing, I hope to be able to make goonstation and even more welcoming environment and also help workshop funny shit. Thank you all for reading, and I hope to help new and experienced players with doing marginally funnier shit.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): none to my knowledge
I will say Niko's RP is always on point, in Security, Medical, or anywhere else I see them. We've had some super memorable rounds, typically with them working to lift up other players and helping them get the most out of the shift. They actively help others in Security get sorted out and situated and do a great job representing the RP community ingame.

I can't speak to overall knowledge or activity in Discord, and they still have more to learn themselves...but they've got a great mentality that makes them a very fun and memorable player to play with.
How did I not see this earlier? Niko is a pretty good person and they are very kind on the gooncord.
Niko is very kind on gooncord. Had some decent rounds with them off the top of my head. Kindness comes first over knowledge for me. I think they'd be a good fit.
I have known niko for upwards of about two years now and they have shown nothing but congeniality and a deep, profound passion for this game that is hard to find around for the most part. They're quite knowledgeable with the working mechanics of the game, sure, but what is more important is that they understand the tenor, pacing, and content of the game and it is with their extensive RP experience that they can handle the more esoteric responsibilities of mentorship.

I wholeheartedly endorse their appointment and promotion to the mentor role!

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