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Big Grin 
    So i made some Sprites for a traitor item called the comedically large Spoon. or shortened to Big Spoon. its for chef and bartender and staffie if you want its up to coders.  

Its a twohanded weapon that does 25-35 damage and can be used to de-brain corpses on the floor. should add a small time to do it for like 5-10 seconds.

SideNote: Eat Soup with one bite. its still a spoon you can eat with

alright my job is done now its up to you guys.

Everything Coders need:

Attached Files
.dmi   Large Spoon Sprites.dmi (Size: 979 bytes / Downloads: 108)
"Hey dog can i get some ice cream?"

"Only a spoonful."

Yes, we need this.
I think that this is a good idea, pay no mind to the marshin brain harvesters behind me.

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