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Mentor Application - Bartimeus973 (2nd application)
Viridis is a great person to be playing with, and really knows their stuff! +1 from me!
+1 for you, mate.

A lot of my interactions with you have been when you play Sec, with either me as HoS, or me as an antagonist trying to be a mustache twirling villain. Your attitude in game is great, and you're mindful of others game experiences and take your actions accordingly. Viridis is probably one of the characters I've found myself RPing with the most simply due to open willingness to actively pursue RP, whether it be us talking about why we signed up to be NanoTrasen Security, or us screaming in terror as we get ambushed by a Changeling on Theta.

While I've not read it in full yet, your guide to Sec Arsenal you posted on the Security Persistent Noticeboard is no doubt going to be really helpful to new Security Officers/Assistants, despite the Noticeboard not being the most obvious thing you can interact with for new players, but having it up there is a good reference for folks, and is something I'll ask newbies to give a read over if they're stuck choosing their arsenal.

Yep! This is a BIG +1

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