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Mentor Application - Bartimeus973 (2nd application)
Usual character name: Viridis Varanis

BYOND username: Bartimeus973

Discord username (if you are on our discord): Bartimeus#0627 (nickname on the server: Bartimeus(Viridis))

Goon servers you play: Roleplay1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

First off, here is the previous thread, for reference:

The main reason im applying for this position is simply because i have a deep love for the game and its community and i want to give back in return. When i first joined i remember Mentorhelping pretty much every single little thing as it was all so strange and weird to me and never felt as if i was being belittled, mocked or ridiculed for asking about such simple problems. The fact that i was able to get the information i needed, quickly and effectively, from such friendly people, is probably in good part a big reason of why i got hooked and have loved the game ever since. Byond being the obtuse software that it is, and ss13 being the niche game that it is, i feel it is of the utmost importance, if we want the community to thrive, that we help those who are interested in getting into the game feel welcome and supported.

As a little bit of background, i would like to add a few comments about my previous application and what happened afterwards;
The rejection of my application coincided with a few 'not so fun' events in my life that caused me to leave the game for a fair bit. While i was working on those problems i have taken the time to do some introspection and think about the app, the comments i got on it and the way i played the game as a whole. I have since realised that in some aspects i was playing the game 'wrong'. I was having a lot of fun but was also trying too often to take the spotlight, and didnt fully realise how impactful some of my actions which i then considered minor could negatively impact others experience. As time went on i felt like i was less and less supported (rightfully so) as some people didnt quite appreciatte the way i dismissively treated them and in particular how some antagonist interactions happened.
What happened since is that i have made the realisation that ss13 is not quite a game. Its a story being told each round with each of its participants weaving a thread to try and make the funniest, most interesting interweaving connections and encounters that we can look back onto fondly and remember long after. Making that realisation has since helped me take the game in a much more relaxed way, interact with people better and has greatly improved both my personnal enjoyment as well as the one that i feel people experience from interacting with my character.
Overall, i am thankful that my previous application got denied as it has helped me isolate some not so great play patterns and replace them with ones that make the game a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

Concerning my game experience i have never settled on maining a single job which has led me to learn alot of different pieces of informations accross many different domains, from how to most efficiently cleanup after the clown up to how to handle a ship that is slowly falling apart as captain. If i am to choose which parts of the station i am most familiar with it would have to be mechanics, science, command, ai, the civilian jobs and (currently) security. I also have a strong respect for the people that write the wiki, as ive probably read it all top to bottom three times over already, and each time found a small piece of information that seemed insignificant but can actually matter quite consistently in game (Also its really well written and frankly hilarious).
I am often trying to spark conversations in game by approaching other players and simply asking what they're doing then asking deeper questions about the subject, such as asking the chaplain what divinity he is worshipping or the chemist what he plans to do with that metric truckload of sarin. Those conversations are often really good roleplaying moments, with a lot of twists and turns but it also very often nets me some insight about how players usually accomplish some tasks, why they do it and how to improve it. I also do not do other people's jobs for them, or if i am forced to do it i only do the absolute minimal work so that the job is not completed for them once a player does arrive, this not only helps make sure that other players have something to do once they get there, but by watching how other people accomplish their tasks i am able to witness many different approaches and styles to problemsolving and earn myself some nuggets of information that i might end up using on another round.

Some of the best interactions i have had in the game were somewhat mundane in character information exchanges with newer players who werent quite sure how to tie their shoes or how to not get immediatly baton'd by beepsky. That small "Eureka" moment where they realize what to do after a little nudge in the right direction are always extremely gratifying in their own right.
Simply put, a lot of my knowledge has come from letting others show me how they accomplish their tasks, both in character and out of character, replicating said tasks to make sure i understand them and then sharing on the information when the need arises. Which is why i believe that having the privilege of being a mentor would help me provide information to others much more effectively. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None on record
When I was new to the game Crimsoncrest was one of the more notable characters to me and someone I looked up to. Bartimeus has a good understanding of how to play the role of antagonist and is one I absolutely love seeing play such roles because they know when and when not to go overboard and have come up with some great gimmicks to make the round really enjoyable. My favourite memory was a silly mad scientist gimmick that involved them removing my arm and leg when I was MD to see if 'I would preform half as well with half my limbs' they RP'd it so well and I was crying from laughing the entire time. In terms of knowledge they have a great understanding of a range of roles, I've seen them in multiple departments and doing a great job in each of them, and they also do great when playing command roles, especially captain as they interact with multiple departments and will assist them if they need help. I think their general attitude is amazing and that they would do great when teaching as they are kind and patient with people. I think they will do a great job especially when teaching antagonist roles to those who wish to learn them and RP them well enough for others to enjoy because as said they do an amazing job at it themselves!
Viridis has been very knowledgeable and friendly in my experience, and has shown great performance on the security team! +1
While I haven't really seen him doing any teaching ig, he's a really nice and cooperative bloke and seems to have quite a bit of knowledge for Goon, +1
Bartimeus seems to know his stuff, and possibly more importantly, is very level headed and friendly. On many occasions I have seen him helping players IC and OOC. +1, even if he doesnt like my cat ears
When I first returned to Goonstation last year, Bartimeus was I think the second antag to ever kill me (as a changeling). I was blown away at how indepth their knowledge was while I was in their hivemind, hahaha. I didn't interact with them directly much before their hiatus, but I have quite a bit since their return and they have been nothing but friendly, fun and very patient. Always top of their game when it comes to roleplay and making gimmicks that are fun for everyone. I feel that they've made a huge turnaround since their last app, Bartimeus would for sure be a great well of knowledge to have in the mentor ranks. +1 for sure.  :)
i have had lots of great shifts with bartimeus and ive seen them play so many different jobs and do great at them, they have lots of experience and has lots of big brain knowledge, all my interactions with them have been great and fun,

so overall i feel that they have great mentor traits and have so much knowledge and always nice and positives to talk too and i think they would make a great big brain purple mouse +1
Bartimeus is a very good player overall, knows a lot about the game and seems always willing to take time and teach other players. They're also very pleasant IC and OOC, so it's a +1 for me.

Also, you've been playing a lot of sec, and you're always good to have on the team, so I'd recommend you for HoS whitelist in a heartbeat, just throwing it out there!
While I haven't played as much recently, I don't think I personally experienced any of the original problems that had the first denied. You've mainly been helpful and pretty chill when I played, you weren't too overzealous from what I remember and were generally knowledgeable and chill. While I can't say anything for sec experience I can say I think you'd make a good mentor.
I play on S3 with Bartimeus semi-frequently. I haven't seen any un-sportsmanlike behavior, and they've gone out of their way to teach new players as Security, and give advice on game mechanics to those who need it. Checks all of the boxes for 'good Mentor'.

Yes, +1!

     I think Bartimeus definitely has the attitude and knowledge to be able to be a mentor!  They have a calm demeanor and are always nice and respectful to everyone I've seen them interact with in game.  From what I can recall I have seen them dedicate their time in game to help out newer players regarding whatever they might need assistance with.  I have never seen them be rude or abrasive to anyone.  They always teach with compassion and kindness and I can wholeheartedly trust them being a mentor!
I think you've grown tremendously as both a player and a community member since your last application. Your most recent incarnation of a character is a blast to play with, you have good interactions on Gooncord, and seem to be a helpful and good-natured addition to the community.

I've seen Bartimeus answer many questions and help a handful of new players in game, and grow to become a good model for RP play and guidance in a variety of roles, from general approachability in OOC channels and extension of keen advice to fair and generally thoughtful play in-game. I would be happy to see them become a part of the mentor team, as their overall attitude and approach is very solid, and they have already helped an innumerable amount of players in developing courteous and fun habits as well as knowledge when playing on the RP servers.

I think new players and old ones alike could benefit from Bartimeus having more tools to better extend their kindness and knowledge to continue to foster a good environment in the Goon community. +1.
I have seen Bartimeus consistently go out of their way to be friendly and helpful, including on the Discord. They'd make a good addition to the mentors, I think!

Oh come on, let's get that Viridi boy up there, +1 , One of the most fun and experienced officers I had pleasure to play with.

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