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Rides The Lightning
Quote(s): "I'm a Laughalympian*.  The name of the game is to make people laugh: and if the act requires I get hurt; so be it!  It's all a show to see just what you can get away with: for the sake of entertainment.  Always remember to never take the joke too far."

*Laughalympian - A person who has dedicated their life to the comedy of slapstick: It is a trial to endure the hustle and bustle of the station...  It is a gauntlet to face the station head on with a smirk on your face and a squeak in your step.  Get up when you're knocked down, and never forget to grin and bear it.  The station will never break you.

Name: Rides The Lightning, Jiub Thanalen

Image(s): N/A

'You're a funny guy.' -

Physical Description: Rides The Lightning is a tall and thin lizard, who has dedicated his life to entertainment.  His muscles  have a visible definition to them from years of hard work and rigorous practice, and a strict diet.  Though he may look spindly, it would be a very big mistake to consider him weak or frail.  Under the mask, Rides has a somewhat triangular shaped face: he tends to wear a mouth guard to help prevent his teeth from being popped out during an accidental fall or taking a hard hit.

His scales are notably keeled upon his forearms, legs, and tail.  These spots feel rougher than normal, and break up the outline of his dark scales: while also helping them stop the reflection of light.

He has a dark black set of scales with a distinct vibrant pink banding accent coloration.

Age: 29

Bloodtype: A+

Build: Beanpole.  Rides is tall and skinny, standing at 6' 3" and weighing 180 pounds with a distinct athletic tone to his body.

Clone Count: Rides has been known to willingly harm himself for a joke.  Because of this, he has been cloned numerous times: upwards of ten.

Disabilities: Rides suffers from neuropathy.  He has reduced sensation to his extremities, and has a degree of deadened sensation to pain.

Despite being well educated, Rides has issues reading extremely long words.

Distinguishing Features: Rides is known to be surprisingly picky for whatever food he eats: he sticks to a strict diet of 2,200 calories a day.

His arms are a touch longer than normal, adding to his lanky physique.  He however always stands straight up, typically with his hands upon his hips.  He tends to wear suspenders to keep his clown pants up.

Rides The Lightning screams like a little girl when scared.

His voice is described as being smooth like velvet when maskless.  When masked, he takes a up-toned inflection.

Ethnicity: Saurian

Eye color: Green

Hair color: He wishes he had hair.  He would wear it in a long pink ponytail.

Height: 6' 3".

Unique Traits: Rides has taken a dedicated course for Clowning; and known to have participated in the 'Festival of the Clowny Freak'.  He mastered in Happy Slaps Stick with a minor in Unicycology.  To learn how to better sell Slapstick, Rides participated in a amateur wrestling arena for two years.

Under the mask, Rides is a fairly sophisticated man: known to be a lover of jazz.  He can play the harmonica and saxophone: with the mask on he is known to play the kazoo.

Weight: 180 pounds.

Personal Information:
Alias: Rides The White Lightning, though his 'formal' name is Jiub Thanalen.

Birthdate: August 1st

Birthplace: Illiad Steppe, a place he doesn't often talk of.

Biological Sex: Male

Gender Identity: Male, but rather comfortable wearing dresses.

Current Residence: Rides lives aboard a small hotel station, where he keeps to a suite of his own.  It features a balcony with a view.

Economic Status: Despite primarily being a clown, Rides is rather well off financially.  He performs both on and off station, typically to support his life style.

Education: Rides is well learned, being both a trained acrobat and clown.  He has a full college education (If one can count a fundamental clown college as a genuine college), and is self taught in a variety of routines.

Habits: Has a distinct fidget problem, and a restless leg.  He is also known to have little regard for his own life.  He drinks coffee (and energy drinks) to excess, which has lead to a caffeine addiction.  This is distinct for when he hasn't had a cup: he will get a hint agitatable.

Hobbies: Many.  Rides is a fan of gourmet coffees and sampling energy drinks in his off-time, and is incredibly fond of smooth jazz.  While he has trained to ride a unicycle, he wishes he could 'tear-ass through a desert on a sweet motorcycle'.

Marital Status: Single.  However, Rides has shown himself to be a touch lonely and while he is seeking companionship he is known to be shy!

Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 50%.  Rides is fully aware that actual clowns are seen as a joke: and is capable of malicious intent when it comes to his performance.  If things aren't going his way and he feels he's giving more than he's getting, he is easily convinced.

That said, don't expect this maliciousness to be done effectively.

Occupation: Career Clown, capable of acting as a Musician and Security Officer.

Personality Traits: Rides is known to attempt to get along with everyone and anyone they meet.  When acting in a serious manner Rides is a very capable individual: but it goes against his nature as a Clown.  This is distinct when he is acting as a Security Officer: He will often handcuff himself as a joke.

Due to his happy-go-lucky tendencies, it's very often to feel like he takes nothing as important.  This is a surface thought: as he tends to think of every issue that may occur.  Sometimes.

Personality Type: ENFP

Previous Occupations: Musician, Wrestler, Theologist, Student

Religion: Rides is open to suggestion for religion.

Zodiac: Leo

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Those who live free, without worry and care.  This list can go on.

Likes: Luxury time, a hard day's work, those who are bold and daring.  This list can go on.

Dislikes: Filthy things, smelly things, those who can't appreciate comedy, those who never smile, a HoP that can't take a joke.

Fears: Rides has a genuine fear of dying alone and being forgotten.  Being a person who tries to live in the light, to fade away into nothing is a thought that haunts him.

Favourite Drink: Coffee.  He enjoys drinking it black.

Favourite Animal: Sheep.  He enjoys their wooly texture.

Favourite Colour: Pink, Yellow, and Red.

Favourite Book: Slapstick or Lonesome No More!

Favourite Scent: He loves the smell of fresh brewed coffee, bananas, and perfumes.

Favourite Food: He enjoys bananas, particularly plantains.

Favourite Plant: Hibiscus.

Favourite Gun: A revolver designed to shoot a 'BANG!' flag.

Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: The Four Winds Bar

Favourite Vacation Destination: The Tropics of Cancer

Medical Records:
Rides is known to have died multiple times, up to and including decapitation, bisection, and in one rare case choking to death on a banana that became lodged in his throat.

Rides is known to be deathly allergic to most forms of allergen.  Be advised.

Rides is known to be a bleeder.

Security Records:
Nine times out of ten, Rides will purposefully lead Security on a chase.  He is under the impression that he should make life hard on them: but not hard enough to earn himself a beating.  He will never intentionally harm an officer.

Rides is known to act incompetent when as a security officer, tasing himself or handcuffing himself.

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