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Discord ban
My IRC/Discord Username: Jerkops#8883
Date and time of the ban: 2021-04-17 around 23:40 CET
Who banned me: unknown, got the message from Dyno (bot)
Message given in the kick, if present: for posting a shitty meme with gore in it. You've been here long enough to know better than that and that we don't tolerate that shit.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I posted a meme with a dead body in it without really thinking about it. It was a pretty shitty meme about the Mandalay Bay mass shooting. I think that event was so fucked up that it's hard to process but ironic doomer conspiracy theory memes are probably a bad outlet for it.
Side note: shortly before the ban I got a ping in the #lets-talk channel (I think that's the name of it) but when I looked at the channel it said I didn't have permission to read the message history and the text field was blank. If someone was trying to talk to me about the offending post before the ban, that's why I didn't respond even though I was online.
Right, so, I was the banning admin. I get that #let's-talk is really fucky sometimes, but I had settled on the ban anyways shortly after I pinged you because posting any form of gore/shocking content (what you posted was a very vivid image of a corpse, which is vile) on this discord is an absolute no-go, no matter which way you cut it. I'm going to be keeping this ban at a month, minimum - You've been here for far, far too long to know that there is no excuse in this universe for that kind of shit, 'funny doomer meme' or not.

Appeal it again on 18/05/2021 and we'll have a talk about lifting it.

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