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Dinosaur/Jungle Station
As botany nerd I like the idea of a jungle planet. Its opportunity for strange alien flora and wild kudzu. Also planetside mining trench style is always fun.
CCR would be played on this map all the time. I am so in.
This is a glorious idea, I wonder if it would make sense to have dino enclosures in science or triceratops burgers?
(04-16-2021, 01:22 PM)AlyasGrey Wrote: Was going to say if we're doing a full jungle planet map perhaps we could use the thunder/lightning effect to add to the atmosphere of the place.  Keep it dark enough outside to require the use of flashlights when leaving the station and make sure sec has enough thermals available for the full team + HOS in the armory if Hunter/Predator become a gamemode on there.

I feel like the darkness, eyes in the dark and possible ambient sounds could make external windows very very cool.

Keep outside threatening, full of angry plants, kinda warm, poisonous spores, critters, etc. Also perpetually dark, maybe it's like a rainforest where the Canopy keeps it pretty dim, or there's a big angry rainstorm constantly happening. Station protected by big electric fence.

I like the idea of power being acquired from big wind turbines or lightning collectors that poke out above a big jungle canopy.

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