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Dinosaur/Jungle Station
As botany nerd I like the idea of a jungle planet. Its opportunity for strange alien flora and wild kudzu. Also planetside mining trench style is always fun.
CCR would be played on this map all the time. I am so in.
This is a glorious idea, I wonder if it would make sense to have dino enclosures in science or triceratops burgers?
(04-16-2021, 01:22 PM)AlyasGrey Wrote: Was going to say if we're doing a full jungle planet map perhaps we could use the thunder/lightning effect to add to the atmosphere of the place.  Keep it dark enough outside to require the use of flashlights when leaving the station and make sure sec has enough thermals available for the full team + HOS in the armory if Hunter/Predator become a gamemode on there.

I feel like the darkness, eyes in the dark and possible ambient sounds could make external windows very very cool.

Keep outside threatening, full of angry plants, kinda warm, poisonous spores, critters, etc. Also perpetually dark, maybe it's like a rainforest where the Canopy keeps it pretty dim, or there's a big angry rainstorm constantly happening. Station protected by big electric fence.

I like the idea of power being acquired from big wind turbines or lightning collectors that poke out above a big jungle canopy.
Yeah, remembered this idea and suggestion, honestly sounds like a really fun way to open the door for a lot of new aspects to older jobs, new types of jobs in general, gameplay, hazards, and unique antagonist ideas.

Perhaps I'm just a nerd that really got into the Forest games and like dinosaurs; but this still remains a solid idea and I can't see why not.

Would there be any rival factions? New scary space monsters? Disasters like some sort of smaller infinite storm like the red spot on Jupiter where we'd have to go down to bunkers to survive?

And here is some fun conversation about other map ideas I found on the mapping forums
needs forest gnomes
I think the only concern is that it's a lot more work to develop compared to a space based map because new assets have to be made for it. Think of it like the development path for Oshan, where a ton of features had to be developed and plenty of bugs were introduced and squashed as a result of a single map.

That said, I love the idea, and I think it could be quite cool to have a station where the environmental threat outside the station is due to hostile mobs or other threats, instead of it just being "you breathe no good outside."
personally i dont need a bunch of new features and assets for me to go "WAOW NEW MAP GOOD!", i think a lot of the legwork can be done with how theyre able to change the tileset (i dont remember precisely what it's called) of a map so that instead of space, it's desert, water, etc.
A big concern with a planet map would likely be the ecosystem since it would probably be more organized than sprawled out space and the climate. Dinosaurs being an obviously cool sale but also considering maybe some funky insect/parasite life or perhaps even the existing presence of intellegent life.

Botanists might have new parts of their job description, to go out and search for samples or perhaps be on the alert for invasive species or pests breaking in to eat their plants.

Security would definitely have new threats to contend with, especially if there were any rooms you had to get through by walking outside; is it more of a sprawled settlement or a single landed station.

Clowns could go on tours through the jungle, honking to alert all predators of the presence of funny tasting meat.

Engineers would obviously have new sources of fuel as well to potentially choose from, using some sort of biofuel(aforementioned fossil fuels) and being in conflict with the hostile mobs.

I really enjoy this idea because of how it would give an entirely new spin for shenanigans to occur and my mind sort of spirals with them.

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