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Dinosaur/Jungle Station
I had the idea of a station on a jungle planet, with dinosaurs!

Pods would be jeeps or something (maybe speeder bikes so we can recreate that scene from Return of the Jedi)
the exploration area would be a dense jungle, where one could find crashed ships, ancient tombs, dinosaurs, giant insects, and carnivorous plants!
Live "specimens" could be brought back to the station to be vivisected, tamed, or sold to the highest bidder!
The station would need a large supply of tranq darts, guns, and old timey explorer hats

Maybe a season system that adds different animals depending on the season?
Predator antag would be great on this map as well
If there is a swamp, add swamp boats too!
Hmm... A jungle planet... Considering what canonically happened to the Elite Security (Shipped off to Space 'Nam), it'd be cool to see some Space Vietnam War era stuff as well. Radio packs that can be used in the exploration zone, older armor, camoflague, and even a few AK744s or M16 remakes. After all, what is a Predator without prey?
Sounds pretty epic to me!
I think i like this idea! Plus, it can lead to potentially unique antags and such for the map!
Rodney ran Cogmap1 on a jungle overlay and looked pretty boss.
Was going to say if we're doing a full jungle planet map perhaps we could use the thunder/lightning effect to add to the atmosphere of the place. Keep it dark enough outside to require the use of flashlights when leaving the station and make sure sec has enough thermals available for the full team + HOS in the armory if Hunter/Predator become a gamemode on there.

I feel like the darkness, eyes in the dark and possible ambient sounds could make external windows very very cool.
Yeah this sounds like a cool idea, more planet maps would be neat, now you just need people actually capable of designing and coding whats required for it
Any ideas for what engine this station would use?
(04-17-2021, 12:16 PM)mralexs Wrote: Any ideas for what engine this station would use?

Fossil Fuels Smug
(04-17-2021, 12:16 PM)mralexs Wrote: Any ideas for what engine this station would use?

I mean, you could just do a TEG but sticking with a theme I could see something like Oshan's hotspots in the form of lightning collectors or wind turbines.  Clearing the nearby trees on the station z-level would be the equivalent of mining under a hotspot.
Adding to the "new animals on planet" dynamic, add a zoology division to the science department.
I want to see dinosaur station happen.

Could we put contained species into display pens? Pens with electric fences that go offline if the engine shuts down?
I know Fossil Fuel for power is a bit of a joke, but I'd actually like to see hunting dino's for power as a mechanic.  Give the hunters a vat of agenium they dump bones into to convert into fuel.
Now that Nadir is out, I think this idea should be resurrected in some fashion. I love Brixx's idea about "fossil fuels"
(04-17-2021, 12:16 PM)mralexs Wrote: Any ideas for what engine this station would use?

The nuclear reactor still needs a home. Although it wouldn't be in theme with dinosaurs. Fossil fuels soubds like a great idea, though.

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