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Stupid Discussion Here
Idk why I'm even posting this, I find it kinda funny, I was wondering if anyone else started out on the RP server and were like learning slowly about things and were super nice and SS13 was casual for a looong time, and then as soon as you started playing the main server everything went to shit as it was super chaotic and confusing and it kinda "turned you hard" lol. I remember I played on the RP servers for a long time and it was casual SS13 and the first time i tried out the main server it was just horrfying so I stayed to the RP server, but later I started playing main a lot and for some reason I learned more in one week then I did in three months since everything is chaotic and you get antag a lot more, so I actually started learning all the cool things you can do like TTV's, hacking ai, packets, chemistry, monkey cloning, causing chaos with hellmixes, and I became "less soft" you could say. I also feel like I became more of an asshole lool, on the RP server everyones so nice and once I played on the main server i became more toxic ngl. This is just random, was wondering if anyone else feels the same.

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