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Quegon banned by enakai
Banned by Enakai

byond key: Quegon

date of ban: 10/04/2021

Reason: Repeatedly set people on fire with the genetics combustion power. Logged off at round end.

Ban Length: Perma

What led to the ban: I had acquired the combustion mutation for the first time and was enjoying its use and was activating it every time it came off cooldown this mutation didn't seem to cause much damage and so I didn't think much of it. I was using it in the escape shuttle as I could only use it twice before round end I was also under attack by the captain and was pretty much dead by the time we arrived. I also logged off afterwards as I had house chores to do.

Why am I appealing : I love goon station and everything that goes on ingame, just last game someone was creating clouds of bread somehow, I enjoy sitting as a ghost watching people just doing funny stuff during rounds that I can't play.

what rule did I break : Rules 1 and 11
Hey, thanks for appealing - You weren't in any "serious permaban" trouble, it's just our procedure for dealing with people who log off.

As for the genetics power misuse, please avoid doing this as a nonantagonist around other people, especially on the escape shuttle. We ended up getting a few complaints about people being upset about being sent into crit/killed because they were on fire.

As long as you understand that, I'll go ahead and lift the ban now. Let me know if you have any problems reconnecting.
thanks sorry for the trouble, I really do enjoy this game and its sometimes hard to put a cap on the amount of "fun" one can have a something like a powerful ability

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