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Sov, Goonstation 1 Heisenbee, April 6th - 9th (12:31 CST on the 9th)
Admin: Sov

Server: Goonstation 1 Heisenbee
Date + time: Throughout the week of April 4th - April 10th, specifically from April 6th - 9th (12:31 CST on the 9th)
Synopsis: Repeatedly changing the escape shuttle to one including belts that typically rolled multiple gibbing crushers on them or lead into a meat cube grinder.
Logs: N/A
Extra information: Different escape shuttles are cool, but it's not fun to be gibbed on the shuttle because the entire design is made to destroy stuff and crush things, especially doing this on 60+ pop. Maybe once every two weeks this would be funny but it's getting awfully annoying having it happen every day or so.
The retention aka left fan oshan shuttle was made Tuesday night and used two times, the second with less danger, more windows, and safe chairs. It was designed based on player suggestions in ooc to me asking what kind of shuttle people wanted

The meat cuber shuttle cog1 was made today at 1am and has been used once

I think three instances across 2-3 days making use of brand new shuttle designs isn’t all that excessive. I’ve even received positive feedback from people who enjoy the various exotic shuttles and I put a good amount of effort into making them

I don’t consider my dozens of other shuttles such as disco, gym, restaurant, dojo, gang, damaged, casino, etc to be harmful, and they make up the vast majority of my custom shuttle usage

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