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Mentor Application - LT3 (Skyy Keiino)
Usual character name: Skyy Keiino
BYOND username: LT3
Discord username (if you are on our discord): lessthanthree#0003
Goon servers you play: Mainly 3/4 Morty/Sylvester
Previous bans: None
Reason for application:

I first started playing back in 2012 back when Mushroom station was around, some long breaks between but there's something about this spaceman game that keeps drawing me back to it.

I initally started as a technical assistant, mainly centered around engineering and navigating through the learning -curve- wall, pestering IRC with my questions until I was confident to not be tripping over my own feet. Engineer and QM was where I got a lot of my initial experience, later adding medical, HoP, and occasionally AI. (Lowpop rounds it was a good way to learn about all the departments, also not worrying about having to swap hands!)

Most recently you'll find me usually in the medical department, though I still do play engineering jobs as well, or sometimes I'm feeling Janitor or HoP.

I've always been curious, more than happy to learn from others and then enjoy passing on what I've learned to people who're less familiar. I know what I do today from the assistance of players and I think passing down knowledge is a critical component to keep new players sticking around. The game is very overwhelming when you're new (and old alike learning new jobs or mechanics) and the little extra help lowers the barrier to discovery. I've seen countless mindblowing things players have done that I can't even wrap my head around, but if they would have given up in early days banging their head against a wall (figuratively and literally) who knows if they would have stuck around and grown into what they are today.

I think I'm pretty friendly in game and don't mind spending half a round or more teaching someone the ropes, be it basic things like interactions or getting started in a job. Ask a few questions to see where they're at. Maybe you can get right into how to be a doctor, or maybe you need the basics as well so I'll teach the basics combined with job training to pair the mechanics with why you're doing it in a little set of tasks.

-Pick up a health analyzer
-Give it to me
-Accept when I give it back
-Scan me
-Swap hands and get a patch from the nanomed
-Set intent and target
-Apply it
-Scan me again and point out what's different, such as damage and reagents

I also answer questions when I can in #ss13-questions in the Discord, I personally find something neat that I didn't know about on most shifts which then leads to even more questions. My interest in learning the TEG for example started with the basic question "What do the yellow lights mean?" and then snowballed into wanting to know so much more. I didn't know there were blower settings, or lubricants, and so much of the joy/hilarity in SS13 is hidden that you stumble upon accidentally or glean the knowledge watching others.

With the exception of security and botany, I've played most rest of the roles enough to teach the basics of the job to someone new. If I don't know the answer myself, I'm never afraid to ask someone who does because it might as well be a learning moment for both of us. Helpful for both when I'm in the role, and for teaching others in the future.

I personally remember a round where Lessthanthree was the MD and i was a doctor and when i asked him medical advice. Lessthanthree went out of his way to teach me, even showing me out to set up the chem dispenser for medical chems.

Lessthanthree has asked for assistance with the engine from me when i was playing CE for a round and is a very quick learner. Lessthanthree also wasn't afraid to ask questions about it as well.

I think Lessthanthree would make a great addition to the mentor squad.
+1; Skyy is always kind and on it, takes charge in medbay and has taught friends innumerable about the ways of doctoring. Nothing but good interactions with them.
I'm disappointed that you got rid of Skyy's hair, but not disappointed enough to not give you a +1. You've definitely got the chops to be mentor, and I will riot if you don't get it.
Herb already sandwiched a comment in here, but I just wanted to comment again and say a little more since I was so brief and I feel like that doesn't speak to everything you do: I've seen you doing the exact thing you mentioned in teaching people gamemechanics in medbay, and I think that approach to learning by doing is so, so good; it's something that sticks with people.

Also that others have even chimed in through multiple platforms to say that you, specifically, not only have taught them something in-game but made them feel valuable and meaningful. I think you're a fantastic candidate for mentor, and didn't want these odds and ends to go unsung

LT3's been extremely knowledgeable and helpful since I started playing SS13 (just over a month), and is one of the reasons I stuck around on goonstation, as they were of the first to teach me about how to play! They are always very nice and patient when I ask for help or instruction on how to do something, no matter the situation, and also willing to help outside of their reach when asked (MD's don't usually have to teach the Bartender how to use the drink dispensers!)! Their instruction is also very easy to remember, and i've seen other new players go from "first-time doctor, be patient with me" to "heart surgery? easy" in no time with them around! They would be a fantastic mentor in my opinion!
Thanks Rio.

Surgery is a good example, it's a part of medbay that tends to be quite daunting to people. Most people it is the last part of the job where people kick the can down the road to learn because of our preconceived notions of how serious and difficult is in real life.

If you can slap a patch on someone, you can do surgery. I'll teach surgery early on (sometimes it takes a fair bit to convince them) because in that area it's usually not a lack of skill, but a lack of confidence. Where I'm going with this is that soft skills matter when you're teaching people. They're not perfect, I don't expect them to be perfect and make sure they know that. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, that's how we learn. I want to instil trust in them that I'll be standing at their side the entire time, ready to assist, take over, or whatever else they might need during it. I can't think of hands on surgery training that's gone so sideways we weren't able to recover from it.

As people have already mentioned, the majority of my time in game is spent playing MDir. Lots of back and forth communication is key to building that confidence, and getting people comfortable that even when I'm not standing in the room with you, I'm only a :m call on the radio away for whatever question you have, no matter how small or trivial. You should never have to freeze up if you forget something, or just don't know how to deal with it. The medical radio channel isn't used as much as it should be, in my opinion and I try to change that when I can.

Being able to answer mentorhelps through Discord while out of game would be a great benefit, I am frequently around even if I'm not actually logged in to a round on the server.
LT3/Skyy has always been a dependable and friendly player/character to see in Medbay and wherever else they choose to play. I used to main medbay and have seen them teach players many times, always with great patience and kindness. Can't recall ever having a negative interaction with them, and they'd always engaged in great RP with me (when they have time around hectic MDir life!) regardless of if my chosen character that shift is one they recognise or not! They have a great attitude from what I've seen, +1 for sure. :))
Skyy is very kind and I always see them willing to teach new players. +1
Yes, LT3 is a very friendly and overall good player +1
Skyy is nothing but helpful and kind, I think he would make a great mentor +1
Skyy has always been a pleasure to work with!  Consistently nice, understanding, and has a lot of game knowledge from what I have seen.  They helped me learn a lot regarding the TEG in engineering about a week ago, and put up with my ignorance of it very kindly! 

     +1  -   Would love to see Skyy as mentor!
sky is always friendly and kind, when ever i see them, also has a lot of experiences in different jobs so im sure with that knowledge combined with their kind personality they would make a great mentor +1
Yes definitely, LT3 is wonderfully kind, knowledgeable and teaches really well ingame already. Definitely the right kind of attitude I like to see coming from someone looking to be a mentor.

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