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HoS Application
I watched and I waited. You and CAP shot, cuffed the guy, threatening to space him on the basis of being a "Fake cap."

You both took him to the SEC-hangar. I stepped in, grabbing him. You both attempt to shoot me. I tase and cuff you both.
Neither of you was demoted and no further action was taken. "Do not space crew." was your only directive. Not even brig time.

You both got out of your cuffs, immediately attempted to shoot me. Both of you are cuffed once again.
Not only do you have security weaponry as HoP, but you also have Armory weaponry in your bag.
Your bag was in fact, FULL of nothing more than Grenades and guns which belong to the armory.
I knew you'd taken them. A SECOFF informed us you'd authorized and taken weapons. As an HoP.

If you wanted to talk, why did you take him to the hangar?
If you wanted to talk, why did you try shooting me? Twice.

I neither regret my actions nor would I do anything different next time.
I rarely demote. Rarely. If I demote you a lot, you really deserve it.
Shill is great. They admit when they make mistakes and are very robust. I can stand to learn more from Shill. My only complaint is getting owned by them when they are not in sec gear thus making me look dumb. +1 for me
Wondering how the fuck Shill wasn't an HoS before me. +1
ok but why do you type sec etc in allcaps. could never figure it out

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