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Ban Appeal
Who banned you?: - Unknown
Byond Key: Tarif
Discord Username: Tarif#1912
Date of Ban: - 4/6/2021
Specified Reason for Ban: Reason: Named themselves George Floyd, said stuff like [SAY: genetically modify me to have big cock] [SAY: I am trying to make sure u dont brutality him] [SAY: this is brutality] Read the rules and make an appeal on the forums once you understand why this is unacceptable. 
Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban?: I named myself George Floyd, and saw someone getting arrested under false pretenses so I protested. Also asked the geneticist experimenting on me to give me a large phallus.
Why am I appealing?: GoonStation is my favorite server and I read the rules so I will not break them again.
Which rule did you break?: Rules 4 and 5
Evasion Attempts: No

Also it was my first game I actually tried to play, I should have read the rules prior to playing
You're correct, you broke rules 4 and 5 by naming yourself after George Floyd and saying those things. Please don't do anything like that again, and please give the rules another read. Ban lifted.

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